Home sweet home: 3ndy studio's 'urban retreat'

Traditional materials like wood and bricks living alongside contemporary ones

by Malcolm Clark
4 Love 2020 Visits

An old country house in Fossò, in the province of Venice, in Italy becomes a sort of refuge within the town thanks to the wily hand of 3ndy Studio (pronounced TREndy studio). Home Sweet Home is made “partially with ancient materials, which come from the old grandfather's house, like wood and brickwork recalling the family roots” and partially with very contemporary materials like Corian, used for the furniture and stairs. Inside, the atmosphere is very cosy thanks to the colour of the natural material used for the interior wall and for the floor.

A house simply for living, with wide spaces designed to be comfortable and liveable without betraying the clean and refined style of “contemporary architecture” state the designers. “The 'simple complexity' of the composition is the result of a series of constraints dictated by the topography of the site and the many demands of a competent client wary of protecting their privacy.”

None of the façades looking out onto the street has openings, they all face the private garden or are hidden inside projecting partition walls or small internal courtyards.

    Home Sweet Home 207

    Home Sweet Home

    Fossò / Italy / 2012