The residential complex “Low Cost Housing for young families”

Architects and Town Planners StudioStudio reinterprets the tradition of Tuscan living

by Malcolm Clark
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The residential project “Low Cost Housing for young families”, made by studiostudio Architects and Town Planners, is the result of a public competition on the area of Tavola2 in the Municipality of Prato. The work covered by the Area Plan included about 70 houses, 50 of which are for young couples, and another 130 subsidised housing projects.

The winning project, drawn up by the architects elisa palazzo and bruno pelucca, was adopted by the City administration as an Urban Feasibility Plan for the Variation to the Area Plan Tavola2. The compositional design consists of six buildings with a 60-metre long landing, all arranged in a north-south direction according to the hydrogeological morphology of the Plain.

The site is closed on the north-west side by a wall, alluding to the traditional technique used for Tuscan living, made up of blocks of local limestone encased by galvanized mesh, which defines the boundary between the residential area and the craft area.

The Prato office has designed a reinterpretation of terraced houses with gardens, typical of Tuscan architecture, trying to equip the individual flats with a garden. Buildings with pure and white volumes on two levels, with a fairfaced reinforced concrete base, have a first face overlooking the driveway to the garage and a second one overlooking the gardens and the pedestrian routes within the lot.

These are designed on the basis of continuity with the surrounding public areas, while the gardens  of the residential complex correspond to the existing gardens beyond the boundaries of the sector.

    Low Cost Housing for young families 59

    Low Cost Housing for young families

    Prato / Italy / 2012