Apulian - Innovative - Sustainable

The philosophy and the experience of “living” in Puglia: when tradition turns into innovation thanks to architecture, product design and storytelling

by Gemma Lanzo
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MAS – Modern Apulian Style is the brainchild of a group of professionals consisting of managers, technicians and creatives who share a common vision of delivering a 100% Apulian property to the customer through the use of materials, construction techniques and interior design. Everything is meticulously controlled and coordinated with maximum attention to detail, in order for the customer to experience the comfort, the style and the wellness deriving from “living” in Puglia. 

The pillar of MAS is constituted by a network of companies who have decided to embrace the same values and the same philosophy and to adhere to the following criteria: Apulian - Innovative – Sustainable.


La Casa di Gioia B&B - ristrutturazione casa rurale del 1908

In the Network there are Estate Agencies, Construction Companies, Fitters, Craftsmen, Material Suppliers, Designers and Technicians. These resources are essential to realise a building branded MAS.
MAS acts as General Contractor and it is the only point of contact for the customer, providing support during any phase, from the actual purchasing of the building or property through to the renovation, until the completion of it and the furnishing (fit-out). MAS controls every phase and activity, coordinating the different parties of a workflow, from companies to professionals, and it is ultimately responsible for the building. For each completed building MAS will release a document certifying that it was built and furnished entirely by craftsmen and companies from Puglia only using Apulian products and materials.

MAS has been launched at the Fiera del Levante in Bari with a conference entitled "Modern Apulian Style: Innovation and Promotion of the Historic Heritage through Architecture, Design and New Media”.
The conference was held on the 16th of September at IN ITALY design IN PUGLIA, Nuovo Padiglione Regione Puglia and was attended by Giuseppe Fanelli  (MAS's CEO), Crispino Lanza (MAS's Business Development Manager) and by scholars, technicians and companies belonging to the MAS Network.


The event continued at the tourist facility La casa di Gioia in Mottola (Ta) with a cocktail party titled "Experiential Tourism: Art, Design and Lifestyle. The Real Apulian Luxury".  During the evening, in addition to the typical wine and food tasting, there has been a focus on the Apulian lifestyle with music, literary readings, audiovisual projections and an exhibition of objects made by craftsmen, designers, and local artists.




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      Gemma Lanzo

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    La Casa di Gioia B&B - ristrutturazione casa rurale del 1908 70

    La Casa di Gioia B&B - ristrutturazione casa rurale del 1908