The house on the cliff: Fran Silvestre's latest project

A white monolith, perched on a cliff, where you can stop to gaze at the sea

by Malcolm Clark
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The construction of the House on the cliff - as its name suggests, a house perched on a cliff near Alicante in Spain - has just been completed. The project is designed by one of the most highly appreciated young emerging architectural offices of recent times: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

Due to the steeply sloping plot and to the desire to develop a single family home on one level, the house was designed as a three-dimensional structure made up of reinforced concrete plates and screens that fit in with the topography.

A horizontal platform at the same level as road access is located beside this monolith anchored to the rock. The swimming pool, on a lower level, was created in a flat area already on the lot.

The house is externally clad with smooth white lime plaster. The other materials, walls, floors, roof gravel...are of the same colour to emphasize the unity.

We like the virtue of architecture which makes possible constructing a house on air, walking on water... An abrupt plot of land overlooking the sea, where what is best is to do nothing. Just stop and stay to peacefully admire the view over the Mediterranean Sea.”

    House on the cliff 440

    House on the cliff

    Gibraltar / Spain / 2012