Get More Instagram Followers and Likes

by lewie michael

Share Unique, Interesting and Quality Photos to Get Instagram Followers


Instagram is a social network that allows its users to share and upload photos and short videos within the community and through social networks. You can have the application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Windows Phone and a PC version.

To earn a place in the community of Instagram, it is not necessary to be a celebrity or know any super tricks. You can increase your number of Instagram followers making it worth following you, increasing your visibility and using some proven strategies that will make Instagram users follow you. Here I am m going to show you some tips if you want to have a profile of Instagram worthy of being followed and have the legions of followers behind you.


Share Unique, Interesting and Quality Photos


While it seems obvious advice, one of the best ways to get followers on Instagram is to make and share quality pictures. Instagram is full of pictures of immature photographs. Follow these tips to take better pictures what can call more attention of the users;

• Try to take pictures that have some relationship with your target audience. If your audience can pervade the images you do and share, they will be more likely to follow you.

• A good photo does not have to be professional or perfect. In fact, what you pursue is to humanize your photos as some imperfections help can highlighting the pisture even more.

• You should limit the number of selfies. Everyone likes to take a selfie occasionally, but do not let these pictures dominate your Instagram profile, as most fans will not want to see you, but your photos.

• The exception is, even if it hurts to admit it, if you are an attractive person, you can get many Instagram followers if you post photos of yourself, even then not let them be most part of your content.


Take the Storytelling with a Collage


Create a better story by combining several photos into one. There are special programs that allow you to create collages and get results in a more striking picture that can help you get more Instagram followers. Some good pieces of advice are as follows;

• Use a photo editing application or a specifically designed to attach pictures such as Pic Stitch, InstaCollage or InstaPicFrame.

• It is not enough to unite a few pictures, as the aim is to use photos that are connected to each other so they can tell a story.

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