House S: a home for meditation in the centre of Tokyo

The Keiji Ashizawa Design project is influenced by greenery, air and light

by Malcolm Clark
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House S, located in a quiet residential district in central Tokyo, is a single family residence designed by Keiji Ashizawa Design studio. The cul de sac where the house is located, where once lived a samurai, is surrounded by pine and zelkova trees: despite being located in the city centre House S is surrounded and crossed by greenery.

The “S” in House-S comes from a combination of the name of the client and that of the site on which the house was built, as a result of the desire of Keiji Ashizawa Design studio to combine a multiplicity of meanings and themes also in the name of the project.

The design of interior spaces was inspired by the flow of air and natural light, thus creating small rooms overlooking the garden, allowing the vegetation to penetrate inside the house. Most of the design details have been thought out specifically for this house, including the stairs, the windows and even the door handles.

Particular attention to the relationship between the house and the surrounding green landscape creates an fun and immediate perception of the succession of the seasons as well as the different shades and colours of natural light as the weather changes.

    House S 67

    House S

    Tokyo / Japan / 2011