The iGuzzini sky: the Spanish headquarters designed by MiAS Arquitectos

Clear desire to spread the culture of light 'escaping from this world'

by Malcolm Clark
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The iGuzzini sky, the new iGuzzini Ibérica SA Headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallès near Barcelona, was designed by architectural office MiAS ARCHITECTS.

The building, covering 9,000 square meters overall, houses the company headquarters, the offices, the restaurant and the services, with the clear intention of spreading the “culture of light”, in which research space, training and dissemination plays a key role.

The designers have managed to merge a clever use of materials and attention to energy consumption, creating a spherical glass container made particularly effective due to an in-depth study of the position of the whole cladding compared to solar radiation.

A special sun shield made of aluminium panels surrounds the window area to the south, in order to allow light to enter in winter and to protect from direct sunlight in summer. More visual comfort, therefore, and significant energy savings.

The large central patio, to which all the floors of the building open, allows natural light to penetrate even underground, houses and preserves warm air in winter and serves as a ventilation shaft in the warmer months.

The iGuzzini sky does not belong to the land on which it stands” - say the designers - “It is as if it were a hot air balloon or an aerostat, trying to escape from this world, in search of a new sky”.

  • enzo piacquadio

    "the welfare sky" day is very important look for a different world. To do this we need to improve the way we design landscapes. this project doing in the right way. (sorry for my english i m a italian boy)

iGuzzini Lighting Iberian Headquarters 39

iGuzzini Lighting Iberian Headquarters

Sant Cugat del Vallès / Spain / 2011