Attract Potential Buyers for Your Brand with Window Pouches

by Radhika Awasthi

Hoards of pouch varieties are storming the supermarkets. Whether it’s a stand up pouch, aluminium pouch or center seal pouch, each is unique in itself and provides special features when it comes to flexible packaging. Advancements in packaging industry have created a smooth path for manufacturers to catch eyes of end users through designer pouch shapes and colourful graphics. Incorporating a rectangle, round or oval window in pouches has become a rave in flexible market.


What is a Window Pouch?

A pouch having a transparent window for display of the stored product is called a window pouch. You can convert a stand up pouch or any other kind of pouch into a window pouch by just incorporating a see-through window in it. 


Though a window pouch can be used for advertising any of the products but they work best when it comes to food industry. Attractive printing along with product display works together to provide a visual treat to the eyes of the customers and helps them to analyse the quality of the product. Granola, coffee, juice, candy, namkeen and dry fruits packaging generally has a window built-in the pouch. Snacks, toffees and other delicious food items peeping through the pouch window grab the attention of kids to a great extent.


You can get a window included in pouches of any shape or size but this kind of packaging works best if your brand has some texture about it. Using a window pouch for packaging of flour will be not as effective as it will be for salted peanuts or potato chips. You can increase the durability of a window pouch by ordering your pouch manufacturer to include a handle, D-cut, dori or zipper in it.


Pouch manufacturers can provide you with a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting a material for your window pouch. Choose the thickness of the window pouch as your product demands. Go for sturdy packaging if the packaged content needs special packaging to keep its freshness intact. A window pouch keeps all materials safe from external elements like oxygen, moisture and dust. An effective pouch manufacturer will easily include a window in a paper pouch, poly pouch or aluminium pouch as per your demand.


Side gusset pouches are new-trend in flexible packaging industry and have become a favourite of consumers quite soon. You can give a facelift to regular window pouches by including a window in a side gusset pouch. This way, you will not just achieve product visibility but customer satisfaction too.