Light Pollination

Re-enacting the charming beauty of bio-luminescence through LED and fibre optics

by Cristina Ticoi

Light Pollination is an interactive digital artwork commissioned by iGuzzini – an international architectural lighting company – to celebrate the power of light as a vehicle for social innovation. It was designed by London-based digital-arts studio UniversalAssemblyUnit.

The artwork seeks to spread the word about light, and in doing so, it explores the strong links between light and communication. Fibre optic, the primary material used to create the artwork, is a vehicle for light through which high-speed communication is facilitated. Thus, the art installation is both an expression and a prototype of this, albeit on a smaller scale. Rather than addressing a particular function, it imagines an alternative way of interacting with artificial light.


The light art installation will be revealed to the public during this year’s London Design Festival and will be located in the heart of the Brompton Design District, in South Kensington.


Powered by love of playful lights, it features around 20,000 individual points of LED light brought to the surface through fibre optics, and is dotted with interaction points. When light is shone onto these pollination points, the artwork immediately responds with growing bands of light, expanding progressively into wider and faster light bursts. This creates a pollinating effect across the artwork, completely transforming its landscape. Being inspired by light found in nature under a whole spectrum of expressions and behaviours, the artwork suddenly resembles an open meadow pulsating with the flickering lights of fireflies, looking more and more vibrant as dusk descends and the evening light wanes. This vibrant scene is in line with the Brompton Design District’s central theme of transformation.


To re-enact this beguiling beauty of bioluminescence, and to ensure that visitors experience the artwork at its full potential, the space hosting Light Pollination will be darkened to provide an ideal setting.


Besides interacting with the artwork itself, visitors will also be able to interact with each other in a fun and engaging way, powered by playful flickering lights. This highlights the importance of the social aspect of bringing people together to pollinate the surface of the artwork and to communicate through light.


Light Pollination is a free event, suitable for children and adults alike. The venue address is only a stone’s throw away from the South Kensington tube station. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy the artwork throughout the duration of the London Design Festival.


Venue |

15a Cromwell Place Mews, SW7 2LA


Timings |

Mon - Wed 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Thu - Fri 10.00 am - 9.00 pm

Sat 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Sun 12.00 - 5.00 pm


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