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7 cat-friendly interiors

by Valentina Ieva
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Can you see the special guests in these houses? It's very easy: there are seven funny small friends, seven cats. Sometimes they become an integral part of the furniture in our home. They’re considered man’s best friend, so naturally we want our cats to live alongside us in our homes. I've put together a selection of seven cat-friendly interiorsLet's inspire!

Vigo: Piso Heraklith by Castroferro Arquitectos

London: The Book Tower House by Platform 5 Architects

Torino: Interior with garden by MG2 ARCHITETTURE

Bari: Grand Tour by UdA Architetti

Brasilia: Box House by 1:1 arquitetura:design

Modena: Loft a Modena by ZPZ Partners

Amsterdam: Villa Rieteiland-oost by Egeon Architecten

  • David Griffith

    I have to ask: since when have cats been considered "man's best friend"? Unless I've missed something in the last 40+ years, I've always understood that the title for man's best friend went to our other four-legged friends: dogs.

  • Valentina Ieva

    Valentina Ieva


    Bari / Italy

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Piso Heraklith 7

Piso Heraklith

Vigo / Spain / 2012

The Book Tower House 120

The Book Tower House

London / United Kingdom / 2011

Interior with garden 15

Interior with garden

Turin / Italy / 2015

Grand Tour 98

Grand Tour

Bari / Italy / 2014

Box House 88

Box House

Brasília / Brazil / 2013

Loft a Modena 25

Loft a Modena

Modena / Italy / 2011

Villa Rieteiland-oost 33

Villa Rieteiland-oost

Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2012