Frank Gehry reveals his latest project in Toronto

A multi-purpose complex that also includes an art gallery and a university centre

by Malcolm Clark
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Frank Owen Gehry has just revealed his plans for a new multi-purpose cultural centre to be built in the city centre of Toronto, Canada. A mix of functions, which also includes an art gallery and a university complex will animate Toronto's Entertainment District.

Working alongside David Mirvish, theatre producer and founder of Mirvish Productions, Gehry envisages building three residential towers, each 80-85 metres high, in the entertainment district, near the historic Royal Alexandra Theatre.

Below two of the tower buildings there will be the Mirvish Collection art gallery, founded by David and Audrey Mirvish, about fifty years ago, while the third skyscraper will tower over the centre of Visual Art, Curatorial Studies and Art History of OCAD University, housing exhibition galleries, meeting rooms, lecture halls, recording studios and rehearsal rooms.

It is very special for me to be able to work in Toronto where I was born and to engage the neighbourhoods where I grew up,” said Gehry. “It’s especially interesting that this project involves the arts,” continued Gehry. “With this project, I wanted to create buildings that were good neighbours to the surrounding buildings and that respected the rich and diverse history of the area.”

The project concept, which will continue to evolve to its full implementation, will redefine the skyline of Toronto through the articulation of the dynamic trio of skyscrapers.

    Toronto's Entertainment District 20

    Toronto's Entertainment District

    Toronto / Canada / 2012