Schmidt Hammer Lassen's new library

A research and meeting place for the University of Aberdeen in Scotland

by Malcolm Clark
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The University of Aberdeen's New Library was inaugurated last Monday September 24th, in Scotland, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. Designed by the Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen (Morten Schmidt, Bjarne Hammer and John Lassen) the new construction houses historical collections, archives, 1,200 reading places and a room reserved for rare volumes, occupying an area of 15,500 square meters.

In 2005, the architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, won the architectural competition for designing a structure capable of blending the academic aspect of research and related social aggregation of the local community, to replace the Queen Mother Library, the old library built in 1965.

The central core of the building is made up of the spiral atrium that connects the eight levels of the library, whose monumental character is opposed to the linearity of the external profile of the façade designed according to a regular pattern of insulating glass panels that allow the passage of natural light.

Morten Schmidt, a founding member of the Danish architectural office, defines the new building as a luminous landmark, a beacon for the city of Aberdeen, thanks to the the façade of the building that shimmers during the day and glows softly at night.

The library has been certified BEEEAM Excellent, as designed according to high standards of energy efficiency and sustainability, combining the use of advanced technologies to the exploitation of a heritage of 250,000 books.

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University of Aberdeen New Library 135

University of Aberdeen New Library

Aberdeen / United Kingdom / 2012