Why is architectural symmetry so charming?

Symétrie du Spectacle: pure pleasure for architects' eyes

by Valentina Ieva

Gilles Alonso is a 43-year-old professional architectural photographer based in Lyon, France. His recent project “Symétrie du Spectacle” (“Symmetry Show”) can be considered pure pleasure for architects' eyes!

Alonso visited a large number of grand theaters and photographed the hall from center stage. The images capture the beautiful symmetry and grandeur of these spaces.


Why is architectural symmetry so charming?

"With this pictures taken to the center of the stage, i wanted to show perfect symmetry of many concert halls.
Sound propagation, ability to see the stage, and quick access to seats are specific contraints.
Theaters architects have very often adopt symmetric plan to answer to this requirements. But despite this plan, they offered many different styles" Alonso said.


He continued: “I have long wanted to undertake a series on the theme of symmetry. Theaters were a perfect subject for this theme, as their designs are guided by similar constraints. The architects and designers all think about things like sound propagation, the ability to see the stage, and quick access to exits".

Auditorium Saint Pierre des Cuisines, Toulouse

Teatro Comunale, Ferrara

Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona

Opera, Djon

Theatre des Celestins, Lyon

Gran Theatre, Geneve

Teatro Bibiena, Mantova

Opera, Lille

La Comedie, Saint-Etienne

Palau de la Musica, Barcelona

Gran Theatre de Provence, Aix - En - Provence 

Theatre du Gymnase, Marseille

Theatre Imperial, Compiegne

Opera Theatre, Reims

La Grange au Lac, Evian

Teatro Filarmonico, Verona

Teatro Farnese, Parma

Opera, Lyon

Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon

Teatro Comunale, Bologna

Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo


Cover image: Teatro Comunale, Carpi




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