Asbestos Removal in Victoria BC

by Urvarshi Rautella

Asbestos refers to a group of six categories of naturally occurring minerals that occur naturally, comprising of durable, fine fibers, resistance to fire and chemicals. Exposure to asbestos minerals can cause many health complications including mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that affects the lung’s lining, lung-related problems, and other cancers. The six groups have tasteless and odorless characteristics. When asbestos is present in a product or material, it cannot be identified by a visual examination and should be examined in a laboratory. These characteristics make it hard to determine particular threats of asbestos exposure. Nevertheless, any exposure to these minerals can result in mesothelioma, as well as other problems like asbestosis or lung cancer.

Many materials have been found to contain asbestos materials. The following are some of the products that are rich in asbestos:

• Ceiling tiles

• Floor tiles

• Wall panel

• Asbestos cement

• Boiler insulation

• Spray-on fireproofing

• Attic and wall insulation

• Electrical insulation

• Asbestos millboard and paper

• Wallboard joint compound 


Asbestos abatement

When demolition or maintenance tasks cause disturbances to asbestos materials, the safety measure to repair or eliminate the risks is to hire an experienced and accredited professional for asbestos removal in Victoria, BC. In several circumstances, hiring a trained asbestos expert is required by law.

The government regulates appropriate processes for abatement of asbestos, including informing the appropriate state agency before the asbestos task, preventing asbestos minerals from becoming airborne, as well as properly disposing of the dangerous material. It is crucial for professionals for asbestos demolition in Victoria to follow every safety measure, such as covering the working area, as well as maintaining the asbestos-containing materials' moisture to prevent asbestos particles from getting exposed to the air. Before hiring professionals for asbestos demolition in Victoria, it is good to check with the Victoria Air Pollution Control Board, Better Business Bureau, or Victoria Employee’s Safety Agency on whether the contractors and inspectors have been insured and licensed.

Preventing asbestos exposure 

If you suspect that any material in your household may be containing asbestos, it is advisable to contact experienced professional for asbestos removal in Victoria, BC to inspect and remove. You should not do inspection and removal of asbestos by yourself because the material is highly poisonous and can spread easily. Furthermore, asbestos-containing materials that are in good condition do not pose any threat unless they’re damaged. On this note, you should not start a demolition or remodeling project unless you are certain it won’t damage asbestos. Unless a product is clearly labeled, it can be difficult to tell whether it contains asbestos or not by just looking at it. Therefore, you might require hiring a trained inspector to take samples. When the lab test approves the asbestos presence, proper demolition processes must be followed to make sure of the safety of everybody in the area.

Employee protection 

People who operate around asbestos should be adequately protected. Employers are obligated to disclose the existence of asbestos to employees and offer protective gear, like air-purifying respirators, before any task that might cause disturbance to asbestos.