How to Select the Best Power Conditioner for your Specific Power Problems?

A power conditioner is a device designed to improve the quality of power that is delivered to electrical load equipment.

by Aemilia Lvy

No wonder electric power is considered as one of the greatest inventions of the mankind. It is one thing upon which all the industries and households depend for almost every activity. Even a minute’s duration of power cut or any other sort of power quality problem can disturb and affect many lives to a serious extent. Even though, there is a kind of peace of mind with power cuts as you know that your electronics are safe and are not constantly afflicted with the detrimental effect of surges, high voltage transients, etc. But when you are grappling with power quality issues, you know your electrical appliances are bearing the brunt too. Nevertheless, you have a solution in the form of power conditioner in Australia.


What is a power conditioner?


A power conditioner is a device designed to improve the quality of power that is delivered to electrical load equipment. The device can act in one or more ways so as to ensure that a voltage of the acceptable level is offered in a manner that facilitates the proper functioning of the load equipment. Many power conditioners are called as voltage regulators that come with a prime function of improving power quality (e.g. power factor correction, transient impulse protection, noise suppression, etc.). 


What is the most prominent step in selecting a power conditioner?


The first step in the selection process of a power conditioner is to know the most common kinds of power quality problems that one can encounter. They are surges, high voltage transients, low voltage (brownouts), sustained voltage loss, high voltage (high line), voltage fluctuations, voltage dropouts, frequency fluctuations, common mode noise, noise and harmonics, radio frequency interference (RFI), lightning and localised power pollution. If asked why the knowledge of this factor is crucial to the selection of an apt power conditioner, it is because not all power conditioning equipment’s design topologies are the same. In fact, different kinds of power conditioner devices provide differing level of power protection. 


Why is there any need for giving some thought to the ways of choosing a power conditioner?


Choosing one for a specific power environment requires insights into the ways of power conditioning and the types of power quality problems. Some power conditioning devices may only provide surge protection while other forms of power conditioning devices may include the extra protection of voltage regulations and RFI protection. In addition, there are high-end double conversion products that provide protection against most of the power problems. Hence, in order to have a device that provides the best protection against the power quality issues, you need to give a thought to how to select the most felicitous power conditioner. 


What type of power conditioner to choose after knowing what kind of power quality problems you are dealing with?


· If yours is the problem of surge and high voltage transients, then you must look for devices that come fitted with surge protection, which is done by the use of an active line clamping device connected directly across the incoming power line. Most surge protected plug strips, small line conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies use Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV). As far as the best level of protection against surges and high voltage transients is concerned, you should find power conditioners that come embedded with gas discharge device for improved efficiency.


· Power conditioners like Belkin power board are meant for voltage regulation so as to give you relief from the problems caused by voltage fluctuation, etc. The varieties of power conditioners of such type are no lesser than any other type. However, if you are looking for a proven solution to a long-term voltage dropout or a full loss of utility voltage, then you must rely on battery backup protection.


· In case there is the need for noise, harmonic and RFI protection, the most efficient type to count on is tap switching, ferroresonant and on-line topologies. These types are incorporated with passive high frequency noise filtering elements that bring the level of interference down.


· Lightning is the issue that cannot be resolved by mere surge protected plug strips, line conditioner or uninterrupted power supply. For lightning protection, you need to look for ways that are accomplished with the aid of heavy-duty lightning suppression devices (TVSS).

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