The new Stedelijk museum: a "bathtub" for the city

Benthem and Crouwel have completed the work for the inauguration of 23rd September

by Malcolm Clark
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Dutch architects Benthem Crouwel are preparing to re-open the new extended historical Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. The official opening will be held on 23rd September.

The work on the original block of the museum, built in 1895, was made necessary to improve the use of the incredible permanent collection (from Picasso to Chagall up to one of the richest collections of Malevich) and to give a home to other temporary exhibitions.

The new building, adjacent to the original red-bricked one, is a treasure chest which gradually becomes more jealous of its treasures: the white cover extends to cover the entrance and then plastically to enclose the two floors of the exhibitions.

This oblong shape, which almost seems to float on the space below has already given the museum its not exactly flattering nickname of “bathtub”. However, we shouldn't underestimate the sense of humour of the inhabitants of Amsterdam and their proverbial mental opening.

It wouldn't be very surprising to see them begin the tour of “their house” around (or in) a great, comfortable bathtub full of wonders!

    Stedelijk Museum 27

    Stedelijk Museum

    Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2012