Cartoons Are The Secret Weapon for Learning English

Watching Cartoons Can Improve Your English

by Clara Kent

Small kids as well as school going children very much like to watch cartoons online. Apart from using the cartoons for their entertainment the children are highly benefited from watching educative cartoons. When children watch entertaining cartoon shows that contain educative content also, they enjoy the fun and learn many new things that are going to be of much use to them in real life. The parents should ensure that their kids are not simply wasting their time sitting in front of the TV but are having entertainment as well as education by way of watching the best cartoons programs.


Learn English by Watching Cartoons

It is a great idea to encourage children the best cartoons that help them to learn English language. In the cartoon shows that are specifically for kids, the language will be simple English so that they can understand the conversations and they get the opportunity to learn many new words in English. When they find that they are able to understand the meaning of the conversation they get more interest and start to listen more keenly. Thus they also develop the habit of listening.


The parents who want to make their children to learn English in a fun way should prepare a list of the best cartoons online and make their children to watch them regularly. They can also encourage their kids to watch cartoons online that are specifically for improving their linguistic skills by way of learning more new words and phrases in English. Some of the online cartoon shows that are identified as the best animation programs for learning English are mentioned below.


Adventure Time


Most of the kids who watch cartoons online may be familiar with “Adventure Time”. While a few episodes of Adventure Time are aired on Cartoon Network, a lot more can be viewed on You Tube. Kids will like to watch this cartoon show since it is a very vibrant program about a young boy and his dog. The show includes many adventurous trips undertaken by the boy along with his faithful companion in the magic land. During their trips they come across with monsters and are made to fight with them. This cartoon series upholds the value of true friendship.


The boy talks simple English so that children can easily understand. This show has natural dialogue so that the kids can learn many new words and phrases and also improve their pronunciation of the words.


Word Girl


“Word Girl” is one among the best cartoons online for children in which a small girl is the superhero. The school going children who watch this cartoon show regularly can improve their vocabulary very easily. The girl makes use of very powerful words when she has to fight with the bad guys. This cartoon show has unique qualities. When new English words are used in the episodes explanations are given for those words. But, the dialogue is simple so that children can easily follow the conversation. The program is also humorous and entertaining. This program can be viewed on PBS Kids and You Tube.


"Young Justice" and "Teen Titan"


The children who watch cartoons online are thrilled when they come across with young superheroes in the episodes. These two cartoon shows – Young Justice and Teen Titans – depict superheroes who are teenagers. These are very interesting programs since the episodes are full of actions. The theme is the superhero has to fight with bad guys who are trying various methods to destroy the world. The shows also carry messages of friendships and relationships. The dialogue in this series is very natural and the language is simple so that children can understand easily and develop their oral communication skills. "Teen Titan" can be viewed on Cartoon Network and “Young Justice” is aired by Netflix.


Cartoon shows on BBC Channels


The popular children’s channels of BBC – Disney, Nickelodeon Junior and CBeebies – broadcast the best cartoons for children. The cartoon shows by these channels are educative as well as entertaining. Children who watch cartoons online aired by these channels get the opportunity to improve their word power and listening comprehension and learn new phrases that can be used for every day speaking. In some of the cartoon shows, questions are asked to the viewers. This will help children to practice listening and then answering questions about what they listened and understood.