Today the documentary "How much does your building weigh, Mr Foster?"

Venice: Design Onscreen Festival

by Valentina Ieva
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The Film

The film traces the rise of one of the world’s premier architects, Norman Foster and his unending quest to improve the quality of life through design. Portrayed are Foster’s origins and how his dreams and influences inspired the design of emblematic projects such as the largest building in the world Beijing Airport, the Reichstag, the Hearst Building in New York and works such as the tallest bridge ever in Millau France. In the very near future, the majority of mankind will abandon the countryside and live entirely in cities. Foster offers some striking solutions to the problems that this historic event will create.

Why This Documentary

The project emerged from an idea of the executive producer, Antonio Sanz, who has a multifaceted career in the world of art (photographer, film director and scriptwriter and curator of prestigious international exhibitions). His close collaboration with Elena Ochoa’s publishing company Ivorypress led him to propose this project to her: publishing a book with moving images, a film exhibition on the work of one of the greatest contemporary architects. Over the past five years, Art Commissioners, has undertaken the international commissions of contemporary artists like Richard Long, Anish Kapoor, Sol Lewitt and Cai Guo-Qiang and others. In the audiovisual field, Art Commissioners has produced The First Look, presented and screened during the Venice Biennale 2006 in the Italian Pavilion, Ivorypress’ short films C Photo or the film Blood on Paper for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Sustainability Policy

"We can not ignore the damage that our buildings inflict on the natural environment. As the consequences of our past inaction becomes ever more apparent, designing for a sustainable future becomes a necessity, not a choice. Sustainable design means doing the most with the least means. Following the logic of ‘less is more,’ it employs passive architectural means to reduce energy consumption, minimising the use of nonrenewable fuel and reducing the amount of pollution. Responsible sustainable design is not simply about individual buildings; it should be implemented at all scales - from product design to the design of cities. In the final analysis, sustainability is about good design. The higher the quality of design, and the more efficient the project is, the longer the project will have a role, and in sustainability terms, longevity is a good thing. The following Sustainability Policy outlines Foster + Partners’ approach to sustainable design." – Norman Foster


Watch the "How much does your building weigh, Mr Foster?" Trailer:


Producer Elena Ochoa

Executive Producer Antonio Sanz

Directors Norberto Lopez Amado & Carlos Carcas

Writer & Narrator Deyan Sudjic

Music Joan Valent

Director of Photography Valentin Alvarez

Film Editor Paco Cozar

Line Producer Paloma Lopez Vazquez

Associate Producers Imanol Uribe & Andres Santana

Music performed by Bratislava Symphony Orchestra 



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