Vertical gardens in the heart of Milan. The city meets the green.

Palazzo Beltrade, a famous building designed by the architect Portaluppi, is the new challenge accepted by Sandrini Green Architecture.

by Marco Sandrini

The request:

Turn into green and modern a building in the heart of Milan. Palazzo Beltrade, a famous building designed by the architect Portaluppi, the new challenge accepted by Sandrini Green Architecture.

The design:

The project was developed around a large vegetation wall. The goal was to bring nature in the heart of Milan, giving beauty, well-being and a sense of vitality to the core of the Lombard city, where green is rare. Fine and unique atmosphere, all the balconies, terraces and the internal courtyard of the Palazzo were dressed in green, creating a unique design in the city. Each plant has been chosen with care and attention, both for aesthetic aspects and those related to the resistance of the vegetation, as well as to combine the colours and create a colourful wall that would amaze and astonish. The 1950 plants used create colourful spots: the protruding decorative Fatsia Japonica alternates delicate texture of Soleiroila, the bright greens of Carex and of Aucuba contrast with the dark red of Heuchera and the forest green of Viburnum, creating a feeling of movement and nuances that crosses the entire composition. A stunning and original view... but especially sustainable.

The pictures:

Marco Sandrini, Chief Landscape Designer at Sandrini Green Architecture 

Sandrini Green Architecture

  • Marco Sandrini


    Pian Camuno / Italy

    Student of the famous landscape architect Marco Raja descendant of the great school of landscape of Pietro Porcinai, from which he received the know-how and experience. Right after majoring in Landscape Design he works for large customers in Italy and abroad alongside the master, becoming its right arm. Marco Sandrini set up its business in 1993 with the vocation to create landscape of great aesthetic and scenic value working immediately for a selected international clientele, creating and designing gardens and parks in different parts of the globe. He has taught courses in Landscape Architecture and history of the garden of which he is a great expert and passionate. Today its main business is oriented on the management of his company taking care of the design, supervision and customer management.)