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by Valerie Schoeneich
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Isn’t it true that the way we live & design our homes is a direct parallel to our believes, a reflection of us as a person, of how we work professionally? This is certainly true in the case of The home of Morten Bo Jensen.

Morten Bo Jensen is the Danish renown industrial designer and the creative mind carrying on with the tradition & bringing innovation as a Chief designer to the minimalist design brand Vipp. Within the Vipp brand philosophy’s roots is the belief in living with fewer but better products, bringing functional principals of industrial design into the private home with the clever use of materials and their function, where the essence of the products lies in it’s details.  Visually, the Vipp products are timeless, mostly in monochrome color palette. As Morten Bo Jensen says „…We seek to offer the market timeless products. Timeless in both quality and aesthetics.“ Morten Bo Jensen has definitely the „know-how“ and feel of what constitutes a great design. Naturally this makes us curious about his way of living, and the interior of his own home. Luckily he shared pictures and the story, allowing us to pick inside his private space, and yes, his way of living does reflect his professional values. 

Together with his girlfriend graphic designer Kristina May Olsen (www.mayk.dk) & 5-years old twins, Morten lives in a New-York style loft completely restored from its original state as an old Viking-Pencil factory from the 1900.  “The apartment was stripped to the bone; I spent a great deal of time reflecting on how I want to live. My conclusion was quite simple; function and efficiency must be the starting point, both in the architecture, the interior and in the location. I am close to work, and the city. Being located here, I can minimize transport, use the city and thereby optimize my daily life with the family” – Morten. 

When you are the Chief designer of a company who makes iconic furniture and accessories, you have the joy and privilege of surrounding your home with your own designs. So surely the kitchen island is the renowned black Vipp kitchen island and the bathroom is minimally decorated with Vipp bathroom accessories. Morten Bo Jensen’s home reflects Vipp’s philosophy for living in both functionally and visually cohesive space. The minimalism and the monochrome color scheme creates a visual calm and the carefully selected furniture and accessories provide daily efficiency. 

I surround myself with things that are meant to be used, which only embraces the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (cosiness)” – Morten.

Our homes tell stories. As you walk past the Morten Bo Jensen’s home, you discover where ever you look, a story conveyed by the interior. Each element carries a message. 

There are few interesting interior elements in this apartment which are both functional – saving space and emotional – creating cosiness. In the office corner of the apartment the floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall book case which is both a clever use of space for books storage and an inviting element to sit and work in this corner. Speaking of sitting and working, the desk table was also homemade, created as an outcome of a study project. As a design element which is also a reminder of balancing work with play, the Bioemega Bike, designed by Marc Newson (MN01) is hanging on the ceiling, creating a relaxed atmosphere, inviting to go and enjoy the outdoors. 

On the way to the living room and dining area, a pencil art, made of 200 Viking pencils, which was inspired by the pencils once produced in this space, reminds us of the history which this apartment carries.

Speaking of history, a piece of Copenhagen’s history – the vintage lamps hanging above the dining table are actual vintage pieces from the streets of Copenhagen where they have hung for decades. The dining table itself is a Vipp table constructed with a frame in powder coated aluminum and recycled untreated teak. 

Near the dining corner is the black Vipp kitchen with 5mm stainless steel table top, integrated gas hubs and matching cooking hood and shelves. 

The open space from the kitchen and dining area leads us to the cosy living room. Also here, the firewood rack, serves both functionally – as a storage for firewood, and emotional – creating an atmosphere of cosiness. Another interesting interior element  which optimizes the living space is the custom built floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, crating an open space and allowing a large flow of light. All these clever elements liberate a lot of floor space which opens up the room, allowing light to come in. 

Also in the living room, wether it’s the Engell sofa by Marc Newson, Low Pad chair or the homemade room divider and couch table, each furniture piece serves its purpose.

„At Vipp I work with a DNA that personally reflects my style and what works for me. Being surrounded by these values and using the products everyday is legitimizing why product design must start with function. That is why I don’t have three different sofa arrangements but only one” – Morten 

The 5 years old twins Merle and Anine have the joy of having designer parents. Most of the furniture in their room, such as the desk, made of Dinesen Douglas floor plans, is homemade, and so is the custom-made Doll hause. The room is decorated with photographs by Kristine Funch to ignite children’s imagination in a sophisticated matter.

Morten Bo Jensen’s home is a perfect example of a minimalist way of living – reducing our living spaces to qualitative functional simple elements and staying true to our aesthetic.  It shows us that we do not need to run after trends but rather create the living spaces which are a true reflection of our own way of life and believes. Purely inspiring.

/ All Images are provided with a generous permission by Vipp. / 

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    The home of Morten Bo Jensen

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