Casa Vale do Lobo: a sumptuous villa with a suspended swimming pool

Geometric virtuosity and stateliness in Arqui + Arquitectura's project

by Malcolm Clark
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Located in the exclusive Vale do Lobo, close to the golf course in the south of the Algarve in Portugal, Casa Vale do Lobo is a private residence designed by architect Vasco Vieira, founder of Arqui+ architects and designers.

From the 'U'-shaped floor plan, the villa is built around a central courtyard, while maintaining harmony and isolation from the surrounding landscape. Inside the courtyard a sumptuous swimming pool becomes the focal point of the entire composition: a monumental suspended pool with water overflowing into a pool below, which can be used as a children's splash pool.

The outer shell of the house is defined by the pure and linear combination of white wood and glass panels which draw an alternation of transparent and opaque surfaces.

The geometric virtuosity of the shapes combined with the plays of water and light help to define an inviting atmosphere both inside the house and outside, which has already been enhanced by the surrounding green landscape.

Geometric virtuosity and stateliness: Casa Vale do Lobo in Portugal

    Casa Vale do Lobo 270

    Casa Vale do Lobo

    Vale de Lobo / Portugal / 2011