Casa del la Flora: VaSLab Architecture's Design Hotel™

36 monolithic concrete and glass blocks overlooking the Indian Ocean

by Malcolm Clark
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Design Hotels™ Casa de la Flora is a series of Le Corbusier-style buildings overlooking the Indian Ocean.

VaSLab Architecture has created a retreat with a bold and sophisticated design, eschewing the traditional and stereotypical seaside hotel. The site, near Phuket, struck by the 2004 tsunami, was recovered by adopting “eco” methodologies  that have been integrated with extreme discretion into the design of the resort.

Responding to the organic nature of the context, the project consists of 36 villas with private pools, patios and 'green' roof, all made of concrete, although its use is managed with precision and care.

The villas are monolithic blocks that allow guests to “experience the outdoors from inside, through the glass façades that widen the perspective views towards the sea.” Natural materials like the teak wood mitigate the interiors whose minimalism is enhanced by a system of colours and muted lighting.

    Casa de la Flora 200

    Casa de la Flora

    Phang Nga / Thailand / 2011