Mykonos Hotel San Giorgio: a true and simple experience

A Design Hotel™, which tells of its location, its history and its local handicrafts

by Malcolm Clark
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A true, authentic and simple experience. Michael Schickinger, the former creative director of Design Hotels™, has designed the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos by bearing this in mind.

"Today sophisticated travellers are looking for the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves. The idea of San Giorgio Mykonos is to bring like-minded people together in a laid-back atmosphere, where they can relax and recharge their batteries."

The fresh and dazzling splendour of the traditional white-washed building is what you would expect to find on this island in the Cyclades. Inside, air and light mitigated by fabrics, colours and furnishings that reflect the place, the local history and the work of experienced craftsmen. In everything, there is a spotlight deliberately focused on its origins and on craft even by simply strategically placing a couple of carefully chosen accessories to give the right warmth to an open space. From the striking untreated wooden chairs to traditional Greek fabrics, from the rustic wooden stools to the heavy cotton quilts, each piece is organic in its form or origin and together they create a harmonious whole.

    San Giorgio Hotel 385

    San Giorgio Hotel

    Mykonos / Greece / 2012