Challenge between sculpture and architecture for Arnaldo Pomodoro

Carapace Winery: the sculptor from the Romagna area of Italy creates a place where art, wine and nature become one

by Malcolm Clark
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One of the greatest contemporary sculptors, Arnaldo Pomodoro, has created the first winery - sculpture in the world for the Castelbuono Estate of the Lunelli Group, which covers 30 hectares in Umbria between Bevagna and Montefalco. The Carapace Winery was inaugurated on 16th June and is a place to live and produce famous wines like Sagrantino and Rosso di Montefalco.

The new winery provided the Italian sculptor with a true challenge between art and architecture, which led to the creation of an enormous monumental work set in the land to create a dialogue between art, wine and nature.

A large copper dome scored externally by deep cuts, restoring at the same time the image of the ploughed land and the representative artistic expression of Arnaldo Pomodoro. This is how he describes the shape designed for the cellar: "it recalls the tortoise, the symbol of stability and longevity, the shell represents the union between earth and sky."

The project was assigned to the famous artist by the Lunelli family, to whom Pomodoro is linked by a close and long-lasting friendship.

The Lunelli family, who have operated the Ferrari Winery for three generations purchased the land of the Castelbuono estate in 2001, exploiting the vineyards first of all and converting to organic farming, subsequently, thanks to this ambitious project, the artistic and architectural heritage of the Umbria region.

    Carapace Winery 100

    Carapace Winery

    Bevagna / Italy / 2012