A stylish life inspired by the Scandinavian mood

by Valentina Ieva
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All the world has been fascinated by Scandinavian lifestyle. I’ve put together some tips for decorating your home according to the Nordic mood.

Scandinavian ambience is more than a lifestyle, it's an attitude because a lot of other elements are involved in this word: nature, light, balance, sobriety, sustainability.

Wapping Lane Penthouse by AMOS and AMOS (furniture by PP Møbler)


Form follows function

First of all Scandinavian design is conceived for living very simply. For this reason you have to consider the functionality of an object before the aesthetic aspects. Nordic design usually outlines necessity rather than excess. 

Idunsgate by Haptic Architects 


Choose sustainable and high quality products

Yes we know, design can be very expensive. If you choose sustainable and high quality products, you can enjoy them for a lifetime. Wood is a prime source for design products: from stools to chairs, everything is clad in or constructed from pine and spruce wood that give interiors the typical Nordic look. 

GLASS & WALNUT LOFT by CUT architectures (furniture by Onecollection)

 Sub-Zero Wolf by Mim Design (furniture by iittala)


The role of the light

Scandinavian style celebrates both the sunlight in summer and deep snow in winter. The walls of the Nordic ambience usually reflect the light in the room and one of the most important thing is the careful location of lamps in the house for having bright spaces.

Wiklandsbacke by sandellsandberg (furniture by Källemo Collection)

 Villa Vallmo by Thomas Sandell (furniture by MENU)


Spaces for children

Kids spaces are taken very seriously in the Scandinavian countries, so the rooms for kids are conceived as fun as possible. A space is often designed in flexible way, so that a playful space can later be transformed.

Hamra by Dinelljohansson 

Andorra by Coblonal Arquitectura (furniture by ZERO)


Bring nature inside

In Scandinavian countries landscapes and sceneries are so beautiful. Don't forget to bring nature inside of your home, with plants or with large windows with a scenic view.

Hamra by Dinelljohansson


Feel good in your spaces

Last but not least, the best way to enjoy Nordic design in your lifestyle consists to feel good in your private spaces, spending time with the ones you love, surrounded by the colors, the sounds, the objects that make you feel 'at home'.

Idunsgate by Haptic Architects 

Nordhemsgatan 27A by Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör


So, after these steps are you ready to living like a Scandinavian?


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    Wapping Lane Penthouse 100

    Wapping Lane Penthouse

    London / United Kingdom / 2014

    Idunsgate 163


    Oslo / Norway / 2013

    Glass & Walnut Loft 66

    Glass & Walnut Loft

    Paris / France / 2015

    Sub-Zero Wolf 17

    Sub-Zero Wolf

    Melbourne / Australia / 2014

    Wiklandsbacke 14


    Kivik / Sweden / 2013

    Villa Vallmo 37

    Villa Vallmo

    Skaraborg / Sweden / 2015

    Hamra 31


    Hamra / Sweden / 2010

    Andorra 79


    Andorra la Vella / Andorra / 2013

    Nordhemsgatan 27A 15

    Nordhemsgatan 27A

    Gothenburg / Sweden