Going Solar Really Does Impact the Environment

by Sven Herzog

Switching to paperless billing and magazine subscriptions is generally associated with the green movement, but did you know that over one-third of global warming emissions in the U.S. come from producing the electricity that powers our homes, businesses, and technological devices? Electricity is typically generated by the coal-fired or natural gas power plants that are responsible for these harmful emissions while generating solar power, on the other hand, produces very little, if any, global warming emissions. For this reason, it makes the most sense to maximize the resource that is most abundant for humans all over the planet: the sun. Using solar power, we can continue to live our modern, technological lifestyles without causing any further damage to our bodies and our environment.


Solar power promotes healthier people and a cleaner environment, but it also has more profound effects than most people realize. The pollution that is caused by coal and natural gas powered plants contaminates our air and water supplies, and purifying these resources, once contaminated, is not an easy process. Therefore, the best solution is prevention. Replacing these plants with solar and other renewable resources would result in healthier ecosystems and even a reduction in illness and cancer.


Using solar power in homes and businesses would significantly lessen the impact of human life on the environment and could help save wildlife and trees as well as preserve our food supply. In addition, we would be contributing to the preservation of arctic ice shelves which are breaking apart and shrinking due to global warming emissions. The destruction of these shelves is displacing millions of animals and causing changes in their migration patterns, which is also impacting the lives of many nearby native people. The melting of these shelves is elevating sea levels and will result in the sinking of many established cities and regions around the world. If this happens, millions of people will lose their homes, and valuable culture and architecture will be lost for good.


Home solar power is becoming more widely accepted than ever before. Not only does it prevent the destruction of the environment, but it also saves families money on their bills every year. This cost-effective and environmentally sound energy solution is commonly used among millions of people worldwide. With every family and business that decides to go solar, small changes are made that will increase the health of the environment and the sustainability of human life on planet Earth.