Stefano Filippini

Landscaper/Agronomist Padenghe Sul Garda, BS / Italy

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Stefano Filippini
Stefano Filippini
  • Address Lonato del Garda , 25017 Padenghe Sul Garda, BS | Italy
  • Tel +39 030 9908873

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Owner and Founder at SFLandscapeArchitecture. I have 12 years of experience in landscape business development, design and project management at a local, national and international level. I started as a trainee in Sep 2001. Over the years I have been entrusted with bigger and more valuable projects. I got promoted to larger project value because I can establish and maintain a healthy relationship with the client and with the team. I have been involved in all aspects of landscaping since very beginning. From design, to construction documents, to project supervision, to legal documentation, as well as business development. SF