Slash Architects

İstanbul / Turkey

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Slash Architects
Slash Architects
  • Address Galata Residence No.17-19 Kat 2 daire 7, Galatasaray / Beyoglu , 34425 İstanbul | Turkey
  • Tel + 90 212 243 69 99

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Re-thinking various typologies of architecture through urban, operational and spatial potentials; slasharchitects pursuits re-writing the built environment within the urban context. Integrating every scale and area of design, we prioritize a sensitive approach to all. Combining a number of professions that interfere with architectural design, Slash Architects derives its name from the word “slasher”. Today the word “slasher” points to a structure that embodies various expertise and therefore achieves a more holistic approach to design. As opposed to “one-man-does-all architecture” we aim to generate spaces as a more collaborative work integrating a variety of experiences and skills. Founded by Şule Ertürk Gaucher and İpek Baycan in 2013, under the name of glaister||gaucher architects; we renewed our organization as slasharchitects performing in different scales of design such as urban design, architecture, interiors and construction.