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Hi, my name is Shena Pinelo

There is no doubt that nothing can be transformed my room as faster and efficiency as well thought out, wonderful and beautiful design with window treatment. Window installation do not just dress up my window, it will also tone with texture and shades of my window furniture and flooring. Whether I am trying to build and create casual or formal design, elegant or whimsical design, traditional or innovative design, the right window treatment will go a long way to create the ambiance and distinctive look I am aiming for.

When I would like to update my living room, I add new blinds, window and curtain shade that help me to modernize the most out of date spaces. If you have been seeking for the latest model of home, then you probably noticed one room will have great wood grain blinds and covering your window. Nowadays, wood grain blinds are more favorite and popular design because of its lightweight texture and design. However, for several years, many home interior decorator have started for favor wood grains.

Nowadays, I have a wonderful kitchen that is done of my favorite style. I have install French country style interior is sophisticated combination of peaceful of mind, richness, softness and beautiful. And I notice how charming of interior my home.

Shena Pinelo
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shena pinelo
shena pinelo
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