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Rayvat Engineering
Rayvat Engineering, a subsidiary of Rayvat Group. (Est. 2007) is an Engineering, Multimedia & Designing firm, headquartered in Gandhinagar Special Economic Zone(SEZ), Gujarat, India. Our team of 29 highly experienced professionals offers a full range of Architectural 3D, Multimedia, Product Designing and Construction Designing services.

We offer comprehensive solutions to the whole spectrum of professionals spanning Architects, Product Modellers, Real Estate Developers and Interior Designers, who have been gaining a competitive edge in their respective industries across geographies like USA, UK, Europe( Spain, Germany, Italy and Finland), Australia and SAARC countries.

Our talented pool of professionals comprising of Architects, 3D/Multimedia Artists, Modelers, Drafters and Project Management Professionals across Architectural, Civil and Mechanical fields have relentlessly striven for customer satisfaction and delight.

Our corporate house is the first building in Asia to incorporate Building Integrated Photovoltaics technology. The building comprises 36000sq. Ft built up area. As a testimony to our excellence in Engineering & Designing, our corporate headquarters is in the process of achieving LEED Green Building -Platinum Credential. The whole project right from Ideation, Initiation and Execution has been handled by our in-house experts.

Rayvat Engineering, being a multi-disciplinary design and engineering firm, offers services across the categories as under:-

A) Architectural Rendering - 3D Interiors, 3D Exteriors, 3D Floor Plans, Aerial & Birds Eye View

B) Architectural Visualization - 360° Virtual Reality, 3D Walkthroughs and Virtual Tours

C) Drafting & Modelling - Revit Modelling Services, Paper/Image/PDF to CAD Conversion, Floor Plan Drafting, Raster to Vector Conversion

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Rayvat Engineering
Rayvat Engineering
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