São Paulo / Brazil / 2016

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Contemporary Architeture, and Modularity as a pre-requisite for flexible
architeture. This proposal considers the architeture of collective use as an
Open Work project, as brought out by Umberto Ecco; the concept involves
each user's choice and what they believe to be the best for themselves,
whithout harming others. This proposal observes the colletive as the sum
of individualities. Agglomeration and Concentration are understood as
profoundly diverse concepts: a mass of individuals in the first one, and a
multitude of individuals who engage and interact with each other
exchanging experiences and enriching themselves mutually, by creating a
group of highly transformative power in the second concept. A city
becomes more urban as it concentrates more people.
The buildings hereby presented stem from the conjunction of known
structural elements: a concrete structured volume and a set of four flat
metal frameworks, installed in pairs on both sides of the central volume
and the frame between the pairs. The concrete structured volume along
with its vertical bodies will be comprised of stairs and service elevators,
arranged symmetrically to the entire building; it will consist of an upper
body, like a crowning, where it will host the volume of the electrical,
hydraulic and central air conditioning infrastructures. The crowning
projections will define the common areas of access to the Housing Units
among the frameworks pairs. Two large shafts between two pairs of
social elevators will lead to the ducts and all plumbing of the facility
infrastructure system from the rooftop down, feeding housing units througt
floor slabs.
The pairs of flat frameworks of the examples shown here are symmetrical
to the axis of the common access areas with 12m or 10 modules apart
within the modular three-dimensional frame of 1,20 X 1,20 X 1,20m, where
the whole project is being developed.
The frameworks are connected by metal beams and are developed as a
ground suport, thus forming a stable set. The metal frameworks will also be
developed within the aforementioned modular structure, and will create the
connections of the apartments. Flexible Housing Units, entirely built of wood,
are also modulated into this frame. Concentration points of all the structural
efforts that run througt the frameworks, the junctions received special
treatments as they will be superimposed to the tops of the housing units as a
The system will allow buildings to bear different shapes according to the
geometry of the frameworks: tall and regular buildings, buildings with
discontinuities as well as the addition of special common areas or empty
spaces, lower buildings and horizontal development, buildings with
symmetrical or asymmetrical contours and a wide range of skylines, resulting
in a rich and diverse landscape When constructed in sets, they can make up
different profiles, creating multiple views of great wealth. The high-yielding
structural system will allow the development to be settled on bridges over
rivers and highways, embedded in valleys between mountains, over lakes
integrating opposing banks and developments settled up and downhill.
Several alternatives of internal floor space are developed for the apartments,
offering options of Pð for simpler layouts and about Pð or more of area
for larger layouts, allowing a wide range of designs within a space of
eye-catching visual and formal opulence, in addition to offering a new living
experience. Balconies and out-of-plan projections will provide new
perspectives of the city and new experiences of "skyscraping living".
This programming will allow each future resident to express their
preference according to their needs for functional or living spaces.
Therefore, nothing can be foreseen in terms of the final layout order of the
prospective building, being that it is an "Open Work Project" as stated
previously, and the final results will stem from the future residents
decisions. It will be up to each future residents to customize their unit and
to make decisions on how the layout of the internal functional areas will
look like.
The construction of the apartments will be integrated into this modular
three-dimensional universe that will be built with modular elements and
standardized details. The construction site will essentially be an assembly
site, where walls and slabs will be built bearing network facilities and
finished with the assembly of standardized frames and final linings. Wood
will be the material used to constitute the internal and external walls and it
will provide varied conformities for units, witch are necessary. The
chromatic variations due to shade unpredictability must be taken in
account when dealing with a diverse color range found in natural wood.
This variation will be the main feature resulting from the gathering of
different choices vibrations.
Some hypothesis were raised from rehearsals always taking two floors in
consideration. The alternatives with mezzanines and integrated kitchens
were not included, because it would greatly increase the number of
examples for this volume. Nine of the many possibilities were aligned in
the Consultation Annex. Each of the possibilities was tested in different
shapes, according to their position in the building. The purpose of this test
was to ensure the privacy of all apartments, avoiding exposure of two
large windows facing each unit, either positioned at the extreme or
intermediate left or right.
The large openings were positioned at the end of the building or facing the
main entrance. The interspaces are narrowed between the units on the
ground floor and open up on the upper floor, since the latter are very distant
from each other. The Consultation Annex also tested units close to the
common areas - ballroom, fitness center etc -, and were forced for having
blind sides.
The units compiled on Possibility 08 with areas of 72 and 36 Pð can be
turned into Hotels and, along with the other possibilities, may be constituted
of mixed developments, would occupy the lower business floors, in addition
to being permanent housing, as well as commercial and service sites
organized into galleries.
The Conformation 01 Building - tall, symmetrical, regular, rectangular - was
chosen for the purpose of the exposure of the Triangular System in this
volume. The tryout of a layout was created with the intent of showing how
the dwellings of the house would be according to the location.The various
layouts presented in the Consultation Annex are essentially different with
regards to interspaces. The layout samples of the functional areas were
included in order to reduce the possibility spectrum.
The common areas of access to the apartments in the Triangular System
develop linearly into an internal landscape of great plush. Large windows are
opened outwards within these units. The application of non-transparent
colored glass was used to differentiate these events; they are extended to
the neighboring module with internal circulation areas or internal gardens by
permanently creating an unpredictable set of colors.

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    Contemporary Architeture, and Modularity as a pre-requisite for flexiblearchiteture. This proposal considers the architeture of collective use as anOpen Work project, as brought out by Umberto Ecco; the concept involveseach user's choice and what they believe to be the best for themselves,whithout harming others. This proposal observes the colletive as the sumof individualities. Agglomeration and Concentration are understood asprofoundly diverse concepts: a mass of individuals in the first one,...

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