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AshariArchitects shiraz / Iran / 2018

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Name: A few drops pavilion
Location: Shiraz, Iran
Architecture firm: AshariArchitects
Architects: Amirhossein Ashari
Design & project team: Zahra Jafari, Niloofar Askari
Date of design: April, 2018
Date of construction: May, 2018
Site area: 16 sqm
Type: Pavilion
Executive manager: Saeed Jamali
Executive team: Saeid Jamali,Ehsan Shabani, Ayoub Hashemi(Metal Structure),Asghar Gerami(Metal Structure), Amin Rezaee, Reza Sheibani, Anis Anbaz, Zahra Rahimi, Melika Khorshidian
Lighting: Mohammadhossein Norzad
Graphic: Niloofar Askari
Materials: Metal scaffold, metal net, metal sheet, MDF, CD, hook, Staper, Fishing thread, Waterproof resin paint
Client: Qavam Architectural Event, Shiraz Engineering Organization
Budget: 1000 USD
Research: Elnaz Amini Khanimani
Workshop students: Anahita Niknam, Elnaz Peyvand, Motahare Fakhari, Peyman Bagheri, Sara Ghanavati, Saeed Nasiri, Mohammad Masroor, Nazanin Soleymani
Film: Ehsan Shabani, Zahra Jafari
Photos: Amirali Ghaffari, Ahmad Agah

“A few drops” is an urban pavilion, focused on environmental issues. Our approach is a critical expression against the industrial pollutions produced by humankind. We called people on social networks, to bring their wasted CDs for us. Thereby the intention was to raise public awareness about the issue and also supplying the main materials of our project with no budget.

The pavilion construction is all done by people corporation. The pavilion structure was built with scaffolds which is 4m X 4m X 4m. The CDs were woven in fishing threads and they were hung to the net on the roof. The CDs are the metaphorical expression of raindrops to incite the human senses.

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    Name: A few drops pavilion Location: Shiraz, IranArchitecture firm: AshariArchitectsArchitects: Amirhossein AshariDesign & project team: Zahra Jafari, Niloofar AskariDate of design: April, 2018Date of construction: May, 2018Site area: 16 sqmType: PavilionExecutive manager: Saeed JamaliExecutive team: Saeid Jamali,Ehsan Shabani, Ayoub Hashemi(Metal Structure),Asghar Gerami(Metal Structure), Amin Rezaee, Reza Sheibani, Anis Anbaz,...

    Project details
    • Year 2018
    • Work started in 2018
    • Work finished in 2018
    • Main structure Mixed structure
    • Client Qavam Architectural Event, Shiraz Engineering Organization ( mehdi peiravi - vahab zanganeh - mehran davari )
    • Status Completed works
    • Type Parks, Public Gardens / Public Squares / Waterfront / Urban Furniture / Urban development plans / Neighbourhoods/settlements/residential parcelling / Restoration of old town centres / Adaptive reuse of industrial sites / Landscape/territorial planning / Feasibility Studies / Multi-purpose Cultural Centres / Theatres / Museums / Concert Halls / Trade Fair Centres / Conference Centres / Pavilions / Exhibition Design / Showrooms/Shops / Bars/Cafés / Pubs/Wineries / Restaurants / Interior Design / Custom Furniture / Lighting Design / Graphic Design / Advertising / Photography / Web Design / Art Galleries / Exhibitions /Installations / Urban Renewal / Monuments / Yacht and vehicle design / River and coastal redevelopment / Strategic Urban Plans / Metropolitan area planning / Book shops / Recovery/Restoration of Historic Buildings / Restoration of Works of Art / Restoration of façades / Structural Consolidation / Recovery of industrial buildings / Furniture design / Product design / self-production design / Refurbishment of apartments / Building Recovery and Renewal
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