AshariArchitects Shiraz / Iran / 2017

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Architects : ASHARI Architects

Location  : Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

Lead Architects: Amirhossein Ashari

Design Associates / Team: Zahra Jafari  , Afshin Ashari

Area: 1140.0 m2

Project Year: 2017

Photographs: Parham Taghioff, AmirAli Ghaffari

Executive Team: Hamid Gholami, Ali Gheisi Zade, Asghar Gerami, Ayoob Hashemi

Research: Elnaz Amini khanimani

Graphic (Diagrams): Sara Zahmatkeshfard Shirazi, Amir Iranidoost Haghighi


Gheisizadeh Residential Apartment

In Gheisizadeh residential apartment project, our main effort was to provide the maximum possible outdoor space to the residents, while creating the maximum visual privacy from outside to inside. The initial idea was to create a flexible and variable building façade. The intention was to reach the desired result by changing the openings, "While giving the residents the right to choose their level of privacy". 

The effort was to, while respecting the introversion aspect of the residential units, consider implementing a terrace to protect the disturbing severe direct sunlight in summer and benefit from the sunlight in the cold weather of winter because of the warm and dry climate of Shiraz. As a result, after the trial and errors on different materials, we chose the metal punched sheets with furnace colour coating. These tiles are connected to the terrace by the hinges and can bend on each other. When the hinges are closed, there is no visual connection from the outside; In addition, due to building front elevation which is located at the southern façade and also 80 degrees sun radiation in the summer noon of Shiraz, this type of facade controls the disturbing summer light.

We implemented green elements in the vertical wall of the facade to induce more "sense of home" and to link with natural materials which controlled light and view in residential spaces.

Jasmine Dutch and Pich Amin-o-dowleh were our plant choices. The windows are framed with boxes that were extruded from the façade surface, created shadows on the windows and the south facade. The frames were installed in a scattered pattern due to the visual aspect of the design and prevent monotony on the façade

At night, in addition to the brightness of the light reflected from the punched holes, the small square openings on these sheets with coloured lights on the grey facade were created and ultimately all of these factors help to create a wall with visual and functional flexibility in the facade.  Another notable point was the creation of an integrity between the residential building and the yard, which caused the sheets to extend along the walls. At the entrance, the flooring continues inside the yard to the sidewalk to emphasize its unique identity for the building.

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    Architects : ASHARI ArchitectsLocation  : Shiraz, Fars Province, IranLead Architects: Amirhossein AshariDesign Associates / Team: Zahra Jafari  , Afshin AshariArea: 1140.0 m2Project Year: 2017Photographs: Parham Taghioff, AmirAli GhaffariExecutive Team: Hamid Gholami, Ali Gheisi Zade, Asghar Gerami, Ayoob HashemiResearch: Elnaz Amini khanimaniGraphic (Diagrams): Sara Zahmatkeshfard Shirazi, Amir Iranidoost Haghighi  Gheisizadeh Residential ApartmentIn Gheisizadeh...

    Project details
    • Year 2017
    • Work started in 2016
    • Work finished in 2017
    • Client Gheisizadeh Family
    • Status Completed works
    • Type Urban development plans / Neighbourhoods/settlements/residential parcelling / Restoration of old town centres / Adaptive reuse of industrial sites / Landscape/territorial planning / Feasibility Studies / Apartments / Single-family residence / Multi-family residence / Social Housing / Country houses/cottages / Tower blocks/Skyscrapers / Multi-purpose Cultural Centres / Sport halls / Interior Design / Custom Furniture / Lighting Design / Graphic Design / Advertising / Photography / Web Design / Student Halls of residence / Modular/Prefabricated housing / Urban Renewal / Yacht and vehicle design / Strategic Urban Plans / Metropolitan area planning / Lofts/Penthouses / Recovery/Restoration of Historic Buildings / Restoration of Works of Art / Restoration of façades / Structural Consolidation / Recovery of industrial buildings / Furniture design / Product design / self-production design / Refurbishment of apartments / Building Recovery and Renewal / Chalets, Mountains houses
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