LIGHT FACADE - facade nanocomposite material | Sergey BIENKO

Area of application LF* - architecture, facade design, etc. Ukraine / 2015

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                                   SUSTAINABILITY CONCEPT LIGHT FACADE (LF*)

  In composites constructional purposes reinforcing elements typically provide the necessary mechanical characteristics of the material - strength, stiffness etc.- matrix provides reinforcing
elements work together and protect them from mechanical damage and corrosive chemical environments. As a result of combining the reinforcing elements and matrix formed complex
of the composition, which reflects not only the original characteristics of its components, but also includes properties that do not have the components in isolation. In particular, the presence of the interfaces between the matrix and the reinforcing elements substantially increases the fracture toughness of the material and in the compositions , unlike homogeneous metal increasing static strength does not lead to a reduction and increase in fracture toughness characteristics. Fiberglass and carbon ( basalt ) fabrics have unique characteristics : a light weight with a high level of strength, good electrical / thermal conductivity , heat resistance and corrosion resistance , high rigidity . Fiberglass - the most accessible and cheapest form of high-strength fibers and fiberglass - one of the most inexpensive and widely used types of composite materials, is currently leading in terms of consumption in the world. Structural glass made of aluminosilicate glass "E" type with different weaving structure, untreated or pre-soaked for improved interaction with polyester, epoxy , folmadegidnymi , and other types of epoxy- resins. GRP density is 1.8-2.2 g/cm3, strength in the direction of reinforcement can reach 2000 MPa , higher strength stainless steel. On specific strength ( strength to density ratio ) - far superior steel and aluminum alloys.  As a filler, reinforcing glow in the material used LF* colored crystals longafterglow luminophors. As the binder used epoxy, polyester, phenolic and polyamide resins (depending on the purpose and application products). Luminophor - a substance capable of luminescence. Cycle of light absorption, conservation and allocation is repeated. Luminophor pigment consists of crystals having in its molecule based on strontium aluminate is radically
different from conventional phosphorescent pigment which is based on zinc sulfide , or radioisotopes to their self-illumination properties. Luminescence - emission in the visible light range , as well as ultra - violet and infrared , which occurs due to the excess energy upon transition to the normal state of a substance.

    Nanocomposite luminous material with a high index of reflection LF* is a multilayer composite component with a variety of physical and chemical properties, which in interaction at the nanoscale provide new characteristics from the selected materials and components. The main advantage of composite material LSS is a high specific strength - 3500 MPa, high stiffness - modulus of elasticity of 130 - 240 GPa, high wear resistance, high fatigue strength, the ability to manufactu.

   The main components of LF* are not expensive readily available materials that help make products as on large industrial standard, and not in large quantities in the shops of small

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                                       SUSTAINABILITY CONCEPT LIGHT FACADE (LF*)   In composites constructional purposes reinforcing elements typically provide the necessary mechanical characteristics of the material - strength, stiffness etc.- matrix provides reinforcingelements work together and protect them from mechanical damage and corrosive chemical...

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    • Year 2015
    • Work started in 2014
    • Work finished in 2015
    • Status Current works
    • Type Parks, Public Gardens / Public Squares / Waterfront / Cemeteries and cemetery chapels / Urban Furniture / Government and institutional buildings / Embassies / Town Halls / multi-purpose civic centres / Churches / Post Offices / Airports / Bridges and Roads / Railway Stations / Port Areas / Parking facilities / Urban development plans / Neighbourhoods/settlements/residential parcelling / Restoration of old town centres / Adaptive reuse of industrial sites / Landscape/territorial planning / Feasibility Studies / Apartments / Single-family residence / Multi-family residence / Social Housing / Country houses/cottages / Office Buildings / Tower blocks/Skyscrapers / Business Centers / Corporate Headquarters / Banks / Offices/studios / Factories / Industrial facilities / Kindergartens / Schools/Institutes / Colleges & Universities / Research Centres/Labs / Hospitals, private clinics / Nursing homes, rehabilitation centres / Multi-purpose Cultural Centres / Theatres / Museums / Concert Halls / Libraries / Associations/Foundations / Cinemas / Theme Parks, Zoos / Archaeological Areas / Trade Fair Centres / Conference Centres / Pavilions / Exhibition Design / Shopping Malls / Showrooms/Shops / Sports Centres / Stadiums / Sport halls / Swimming Pools / Fitness Centres / Sports Facilities / Hotel/Resorts / Wellness Facilities/Spas / Tourist Facilities / Beach Facilities / Bars/Cafés / Pubs/Wineries / Restaurants / Discos, Clubs / Interior Design / Custom Furniture / Lighting Design / Law Courts / Military barracks, police and fire stations / Bus Stations / Student Halls of residence / Modular/Prefabricated housing / Leisure Centres / Art Galleries / Exhibitions /Installations / Urban Renewal / Private clubs/recreation centres / Monuments / Yacht and vehicle design / River and coastal redevelopment / Shrines and memorials / Mosques / Synagogues / Temples / Monasteries / Marinas / Passenger Terminals / Bridges and Walkways / Waterworks/Water Systems / Cycle Paths / Tunnels / Control towers / Service stations / Underground Stations / Acoustic Barriers / Strategic Urban Plans / Metropolitan area planning / Lofts/Penthouses / Wineries and distilleries / Book shops / Media Libraries / Markets / Warehouses / Casinos / Day-care centres / Recovery/Restoration of Historic Buildings / Restoration of Works of Art / Restoration of façades / Structural Consolidation / Music schools/Music academies / Dance academies / Recovery of industrial buildings / Art studios/workshops / Furniture design / Product design / self-production design / Refurbishment of apartments / Building Recovery and Renewal
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