Montfort-l'Amaury / France / 2014

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After years of intense technological development, Philippe Starck and the Slovenian
company Riko debut a unique line of “Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes” –
P.A.T.H. Combining Philippe Starck’s signature timeless design and Riko’s high expertise
with state-of-the-art insulation and energy production technology, P.A.T.H. houses
usher in a new area of positive energy housing. They are designed to integrate
seamlessly high eco-technology systems – solar, thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind
turbines, which make it possible for the homes to produce more energy than they
consume. As of October 2014, the different models of P.A.T.H. houses will be available
to buyers and future homeowners at www.starckwithriko.com and through the P.A.T.H.
Distribution network.

The desire to do good, better and fairer has long driven the work and production of
internationally acclaimed creator Philippe Starck, as well as the works of Riko’s, one of the
leading European manufacturers of wooden sustainable prefabricated buildings. The joint
values have brought them together to create Prefabricated Accessible Technological
Homes – P.A.T.H., a unique turnkey living solution that answers today’s and future
challenges of individual prefabricated housing by combining high technology, comfort,
timeless design, and respect for the environment to deliver a reliable product for the
people will live in it.

P.A.T.H. houses are built following state-of-the-art industrial prefabrication methods,
which guarantee maximum reliability. Their unique building process is the brainchild of
engineers, who were inspired by the experience and technological challenges shared by
Philippe Starck and Riko after years of intense collaboration. This process minimizes any
possibility of errors compared to classical on-site building methods. Janez Škrabec, CEO of
Riko, explains: “for more than 20 years, we have been building the different elements of
our prefabricated houses and now, those of P.A.T.H. houses, in our own production
facilities. In terms of technology, we work through a very precise building process”.
This process also makes it possible for the owners to save time and money. Thus, once the
house has been ordered, it takes us less than 6 months time to deliver the P.A.T.H turnkey
house to the new owners. Assembling and finishing works take approximately three
months. Moreover, with a range of prices from 2 500,00 to 4 500,00 euros per square
meter according to the owners’ specific choices, P.A.T.H. houses reconcile owners’ financial
constraints with their desire to live within a technological and ecological environment.
Philippe Starck says: “Building one’s own house can be a source of extreme danger. In fact,
we all know when it starts but we never know when it is going to end or how much it will
cost. Thanks to P.A.T.H. and its industrial process using prefabricated elements, everyone
can access to property ownership in six months time and within a defined budget, without
any surprise”.

October 2014 marks the global sales launch of the entire line of P.A.T.H., with 2 models of
houses: Formentera (single-storey concentric residential homes), Montfort (single-storey or
double-storey houses opened to the outside), and a third model of supplementary units
intended to be used as a guest room, a garage or a garden studio. These houses, all
distinguished by Philippe Starck’s signature timeless design, are available in several floor
plans designed by the creator himself, in order to fit every owner’s desires and expectations.
Thus, the future owners can choose between 34 different floor plans, which range in sizes
140 m2 to 350 m2, as well as in number of rooms (from one to eight). Philippe Starck
declares: “In 34 floor plans, I wanted to provide all families with the possibility of building
their dream house, while remaining loyal to their initial expectations”.
Adaptable to client’s needs, living circumstances and personal requirements, P.A.T.H. models
of homes also offer several personalization possibilities.

Philippe Starck states: “The scope of possibilities is very wide. It perfectly fits my vision of
what a responsible creator has to do. My basic mission in life is to create open technical
solutions in order to face the most important question of the future: how is it possible to
provide people with the possibility to choose, to make consistent choices, taking into account
various constraints, expectations and ways of life and making it possible for people to be
proud of the difference they have?” He adds: “With P.A.T.H., we wanted to reach out to the
largest possible public. This is the reason why I decided not to make any architectural
gesture here. I didn’t want to impose anything to anyone. The architectural possibilities are
very broad and flexible. For instance, the Montfort features a cornice. But other kinds of roofs
are also available, single or double-pitched. The cornice-roof achieves a large number of
benefits for customers. In fact, over and above the architectural tour de force, the cornice is
intended to hide the whole energy producing system, which is a real factory”.

Each house is available in three types of structures (all-glass outer shell, combination of
wooden walls and glass surfaces or full wooden-made structure) and in several kinds of
roofs. Finally, the customers can mix-and-match several options of top-range designer
exterior and interior finishes, fixtures and equipment, handpicked by Philippe Starck and
gathered in the catalogue of P.A.T.H. fit-outs and finishes. This way, P.A.T.H. houses enable
the owners to create their own compelling and personalized living space.

Designed to last and to fit every kinds of cultural and architectural environments, P.A.T.H.
houses involve cutting-edge ecological solutions in terms of insulation and impermeability,
as well as high eco-technology systems, making it possible for the owners to generate
energy from renewable sources: solar panels, wind turbines seamlessly installed on the roof,
rainwater recovery systems, etc. These systems allow homeowners to consume far less
energy than in a traditional house: in the Montfort prototype, global energy needs are
optimized for the house to consume a third of the energy that a traditional house consumes.

P.A.T.H. houses are launching the second generation of Positive Energy Buildings (BEPOS) and
produce more energy than they consume: the Montfort prototype produces 50% of additional
energy in comparison to what it consumes. This type of fabrication represents the future of
building: in France for instance, the 2020 thermal regulation will have all new buildings
compel to a positive energy status. All these new eco-technological installations have been
conceived to seamlessly integrate in the architecture of P.A.T.H. houses, with the timeless
design of Philippe Starck. He adds: “We do not have to point out the technology that we used
to develop a project. Contrary to that, this technology must be integrated in a simple and
natural way. It must become invisible for the users”.

Janez Škrabec, CEO of Riko, says: “At Riko we have integrated the most advanced engineering
knowledge and the state-of-the art prefabrication technology to create a contemporary living
solution which is economically accessible to all who appreciate the symbiosis of ecology and
aesthetics. Above all, we consider that P.A.T.H as a universal project and we developed
models, which can be implemented under different environmental and climatic conditions
and within both urban and rural contexts”.

By choosing high technology, P.A.T.H. advocates for progress in order to invent the right
product for the greatest number of people, built with the right material, through the right
process and sold for the right price. Philippe Starck says: “My ecological and energetic
awareness leads me to a balance point: the idea of right price for a right product. With
P.A.T.H., I decided to provide the community with the best product, in terms of quality,
technology and durability”.

In the words of Philippe Starck, P.A.T.H. is a “reliable and intelligent solution for us, our
children, the children of our children facing the challenges of ecology, economy and

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    After years of intense technological development, Philippe Starck and the Sloveniancompany Riko debut a unique line of “Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes” –P.A.T.H. Combining Philippe Starck’s signature timeless design and Riko’s high expertisewith state-of-the-art insulation and energy production technology, P.A.T.H. housesusher in a new area of positive energy housing. They are designed to integrateseamlessly high eco-technology systems – solar,...

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