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Massimiliano dott. CHIM. Passerini 3
Massimiliano dott. CHIM. Passerini
Ci siamo specializzati in consulenze industriali sia per l’ottimizzazione dei processi che per la progettazione di nuovi stabilimenti, ampliamenti e retrofit, con un focus sul reshoring farmaceutico.

Pharmakoi Engineering is an A&E firm specialized in the process design, manufacturing building retrofit/renovation/Expansion, and related utilities providing solutions to the Food, Agronomical, Chemical, Cosmetic, and Nutraceutical industry. The company has offices across the US and the EU, assisting Clients around the globe. Pharmakoi Engineering continuously strives to develop long-term relationships with our customers, and today we are a preferred partner of a large number of both local and international companies.

Contatti / Contact us:
E-Mail: [email protected]
Cell/WhatsApp: +39 338 3044919
Massimiliano dott. CHIM. Passerini
Massimiliano dott. CHIM. Passerini
  • Address Via Montaloco, 6, 06127 Perugia | Italy
  • Mobile 338 3044919

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