Matteo A. V. Fugazza

Architect Milano / Italy

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Matteo A. V. Fugazza 60
Matteo A. V. Fugazza
Private Villa - interior design - роскошная частная вилла на озере Комо - дизайн интерьера Private Villa - роскошная частная вилла на озере Комо Private Villa - Interior-Outdoor design - роскошная частная вилла на озере Комо - дизайн интерьера - сад - освещение Private Apartment - Outdoor Desing - Terrace - независимая квартира класса люкс на озере Комо - террасы Private Luxury Villa - Роскошная вилла на озере Комо Private Garden - Сад - Роскошная вилла на озере Комо Private Luxury Villa - Роскошная частная вилла на озере Комо Interior Green Walls - зеленые стены Private Villa - дизайн интерьера Faesibility Study - Luxury Apartments Building - Технико-экономическое обоснование - Апартаменты класса люкс Здание на озере Комо Interior Desing - изайн интерьера - освещение дизайн Interior Desing - Дизайн интерьера - наружное оформление Feasibility Study - redevelopment of public building - Технико-экономическое обоснование - реконструкция общественных зданий Restaurant - Итальянский ресторан Private Villa - идуальная вилла на берегу моря Private Villa - Индивидуальная вилла на горы Urban Villa - Индивидуальная Городской Дом Real Estate development - новый жилой район Private Villa - Costa Rica - роскошная частная вилла - Коста-Рика Farm - ферма Social Housing - социальное жилье Galleria San Carlo - Арт-галерея "Сан-Карло" Private Villa - полная дизайн - частная вилла Corporate Building - офисное здание MEDIAPOLIS - технико-экономическое обоснование Loft - дизайн интерьера Real Estate development - жилое здание Bike-Pedestrian Bridge - моста пешеходного и велосипедного Новый жилой дом Новое строительство жилой квартиры Социальное жилье - многоквартирный жилой дом Перестройка - многоквартирный жилой дом горный домик Cocktail Bar - Valona Albania - Коктейль-бар - Валона Албания BEACH RESORT Albania - пляжный курорт Албания Private luxury villa - Частная вилла класса люкс urban landscape concept ЧАСТНЫЙ РОСКОШНЫЙ ЛАНДШАФТ - PRIVATE LUXURY LANDSCAPE what it could be.. Это может быть what it could be.. Это может быть Kindergarten Concept SkyGarden - Luxury Interior Desing what it could be.. Это может быть Mongolian Museum Concept Preliminary project for an innovative international school Landscape concept - Ландшафтный дизайн - проект обустройства берега реки
Matteo A. V. Fugazza
Matteo A. V. Fugazza
  • Address Via Alfredo Catalani, 44 Milano | Italy
  • Tel +39022870811

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I deeply love my country and my profession and I fight strongly, even in public events, in order to keep the tradition of Italian architecture. I live in Milan and work in several studies before joining the company of my family as partner in 1992 (Aedificia srl - engineering services company for Real Estate) and then as founding partner of the firm Studio Associato Fugazza ( ) since 2002. Studio Associato Fugazza deals for almost 50 years (continuing the tradition of four previous generations) for architectural design and engineering, planning and consulting for the private sector and for public administrations operating throughout Italy. Since 2004 my firm equips himself for BIM on the design through the use of Autodesk Revit - then we become involved by Autodesk in several conferences and events. Keeping up to date my knowledge in the various fields of my profession, I participate in 2011-2013 at the Workshop of "Architecture and Managment" organized by SDA Bocconi University; the early days of this course comes the knowledge that my profession is heavily loss of some elements that can actually allow the relaunch in the current crisis. After a hard work of selection, organization and coordination in April 2013 I founded, along with 12 members from various professions, the first and only Italian Professional network: NEXIAR Italian Architecture (, that brings together about 120 professionals) , I was elected president with responsibility for business development in Italy and abroad. The network operates mainly outside of Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans, Russia and China, exploring new markets. Given the singularity of this company in Italy I was invited to speak in several national and international events. The SDA Bocconi allows us the privilege of being mentioned as Best Practice in the book which contains the main ideas of the Workshop Architecture and Managment ("L'ARCHITETTO", Ed. EGEA). After developing for NEXIAR a network of over 190 international decision makers in the real estate market in Italy, Russia, Balkans, China and United Arab Emirates, and led to the evaluation of the network more than 40 different assignments and tenders, my experience in the company ended on December 2014. From a close collaboration with the Milan Chamber of Commerce between Italy and Sweden, comes the opportunity to bring in Italy the company TUBUS SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL ( , which operates with a patent owner, in the repair of the drain pipes with a No-Dig technology) which, together with my brother Paolo Fugazza and Massimo Santagada, we are members of their Italian branch. To meet a growing demand detected in the international markets, along with Officinae srl of Rome and Luciano Caprini of Brescia, in September 2014 we founded the company GARDENESK srl ( ), a company specializing in the Contract for the 'Outdoor and Landscape in Italy and abroad. For Gardenesk I deal of Business Development and Procurement Managment, until 2017 Since 2012 I deal with the International Business Development of SAFmilano (Russia, Balkans, United Arab Emirates, North Africa, Europe). Following previous professional contacts we are invited to take part in the Easy Business in Milan platform ( ) that offers high-level services for the assistance to individuals and companies from other countries of the world to develop business in Italy. With my brother Paul, we create in 2015 SAFdevelopment srl, a company linked to SAFmilano to provide procurement services, coordination of the activities of Design & Build, international business development and contract management. The company works in the turnkey luxury sector in Italy and abroad. In October of 2015 I am admitted as a member of the prestigious Union of Moscow Architects.