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Marion  CAMBIER 2
Graduated from the Academy of Art Saint-Luc Brussels as an Interior Designer in 2013. I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Scenography to complete my formation and graduated with ‘Distinction’ in 2015. These five
years of superior studies have concluded with a dissertation about a Belgian video artist and performer, Ariane Loze, that gave me the opportunity to talk about the different levels of the scenography starting with the origin of it which means: the story or also the script.
You can have a look here : .

I was born in France but have been living in Brussels for the past eight years, the European Capital that appears to me as an amazing open city in the heart of Europe. I’m fascinated by architecture, cultural events, photography, literature, travel, gastronomy, fashion and vintage-fashion but also by vintagefurniture. I’m a young sportswoman who grew up with ambition and courage. I’m would consider myself very open-minded, a good team player, honest, dependable and reliable.

I would like to thank you for your time in taking into consideration my portfolio. I would be very grateful for the opportunity of work experience in the field of Interior Design or Scenography. It would be a privilege and much
appreciated to be considered in joining and being part of your studio in january 2016.

‘Interested in learning, exchanging and creating!’

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