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LEVS architecten
LEVS architecten
  • Address Cruquiusweg, 1019 Amsterdam | Netherlands
  • Tel +31206735762

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The partners at LEVS – Marianne Loof, Adriaan Mout and Jurriaan van Stigt – are persistent; as are the ambitious people who work for us. We love difficult problems and we like to be involved with more than just the design. We are familiar with the whole trajectory, from design sketch to management. But we also conduct urban development and feasibility studies. And we know what there is to know about building costs and exploitations. In our opinion this commitment to all phases of the process makes the end result even better. Our sphere of activity is broad and includes house constructions as well as (primary) health- and education buildings, but also complex blended assignments with special programs and projects. In addition, we work on existing buildings in which conversion and renewal are central concepts. In order to be able to create successful buildings it is therefore paramount that our clients and we are highly committed. Loof & van Stigt Architects was founded in 1989, has been around for twenty years and as per October 2009 goes under the name of LEVS architects. The trademark for our way of working is cooperation. Not just with each other, but with all parties involved in the process. This cooperation focuses on inspiration, challenge and making use of each other’s specific expertise and opinions to achieve the best possible results. What is our collective goal? The right answer to a question, an answer that offers more than expected. A surprising solution that works, looks good and keeps its value for a long time.