Lado Aznaurashvili

Tbilisi / Georgia

Lado Aznaurashvili 10
Lado Aznaurashvili
CGI / 3D Visualization Artist.

• 11 years professional experience in 3D / 2D production.
My activity includes 3D architectural visualization (Archviz) that are characterized by highest realistic qualities.
• Functional and core competencies:
- Modelling, lighting, shading, texturing, rendering, compositing, post-production, Photo manipulation, retouching and animation walkthroughs.
- Experience in a retail, office, restaurant, exhibition environment.
- Adaptation of the existing materials (Video, Image), from original files into other languages.
- Creating new 2D / 3D elements from TV Ads. Video editing and working with a green screen.
• Work closely with account management for optimal results.
• Experience working with international project factors (clients, teams, localization ).
• Good eye for composition, materials and colours.
• High level 3D conceptual realization.
• Strong visual design skills, focus on details and quality.
• Solid understanding of time and quality management.
• Self motivated and responsible, a positive attitude and an inspiring work ethic.
• Great customer service skills including phone, written and face-to-face communications
• Sensitive to trends and can stay abreast with new technologies
• Quickly adapt to using new programs and integrating them into a project workflow.

Lado Aznaurashvili
Lado Aznaurashvili

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