Jasmine Ben Ali

Architect Sagno / Switzerland

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Jasmine  Ben Ali 33
Jasmine Ben Ali
Jasmine  Ben Ali
Jasmine Ben Ali

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Architecture is my passion before my profession. I love architecture because I mean it as a highly social Art, able to generate strong emotions that can affect people's lives. Every project should be linked to the site in which it stands and it should also involve its surrounding. The history of architecture is for me deeply fascinating and it is even my source of inspiration; it helps me to recognise and to develop technologies that can meet today's needs maintaining classicals design. I like simple and smart design, humble but never poor. I truly believe architectural design involves much more humanity than most people think, and overall, this belief has helped me to develop a special affinity for the empathic aspect of architecture. Being an architect reflects my personality and allows me to use both, my imagination and my creativity, to interact with the community.