Jamie Durie

Designer Los Angeles / United States

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Jamie Durie 12
Jamie Durie
Jamie Durie is a horticulturalist and international award-winning landscape designer, and founder and Director of Durie Design.
He is the author of 9 best-selling books (100 Gardens, Jamie Durie’s The Outdoor Room, Outside, The Source Book Editions 1 and 2, Inspired, Outdoor Kids, The Outdoor Room and Patio—Garden Design and Inspiration, founder and Editorial Director of The Outdoor Room magazine, and is a successful television host and producer. A committed environmentalist and pioneer of ‘The Outdoor Room’ concept, Jamie has changed the face of landscape design, inspiring a whole new generation to rediscover their garden.
Jamie Durie
Jamie Durie
  • Address 427 Sunset Boulevard, 90046 Los Angeles | United States
  • Tel +13236542206

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