Irmy Wilms

Designer Herford / Germany

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Irmy Wilms 2
Irmy Wilms
Irmy Wilms
Irmy Wilms
  • Address Kreishausstraße 11, 32051 Herford | Germany
  • Tel +4905221102188
  • Fax +49052211021837

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Born in Aachen, studied Object design at the FH Aachen, architecture at the TH Aachen, industrial Design at the UDK Berlin. Designer since 1989, working together with Fashion designer Dieter Froelich. Scientific Consultant (Ergonomics) at the HDK Berlin from 1992-2997. Working with Claudia Kohler since 1996. In 1998-2002 expanded the team to mecca design. Since 2002 collaboration with 14 averkamp Innenarchitekten. Diverse presentations to design relevant themes.