Ignacio Solano

Urban Designer El Altet / Spain

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Ignacio Solano 20
Ignacio Solano
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Ignacio Solano
Ignacio Solano
  • Address Elche, 03195 El Altet | Spain
  • Tel (+34)965688134

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From Ignacio Solano, expert in naturalist interactions, founder of Paisajismo Urbano, and his passionate investigative work over the last fourteen years in tropical jungles all over the world, comes a new concept which goes further than simple vertical gardens: Vertical ecosystems, a result of the observation and study of the processes and interspecific simbiosis which exist between the flora andmicrofauna found in such prolific places. His passion for nature comes from when he was a child, at eight years old he caught snakes and all kinds of reptiles to observe them and reproduce them in captivity. By doing this he began to know and understand the beauty of the miniature ecosystems that he created. Years later, following his instinct, he travelled to jungles in Mexico, Brazil, Madagascar, North Argentina, Reunion, Africa, Sumatra… Through many years of in situ study and investigation and observing that the majority of our poplulation lives in cities far away from the natural world that surrounds us, immersed in an environment of pollution and stress, and that the majaority of our children don’t see any animals other than pigeons, he decides to be ruled by the laws of nature and ecology, moving lush vertical jungles to the cities. He deeply analyses existing systems, begins to see his errors in otder to be able to construct the complete system, which really will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance: “a vertical ecosystem is the complexity of all nature’s interactions in one wall: fungus-plant/ plant-plant/fungus-bacteria/ plant-fungus-bacteria… If we want it to last, we can’t treat it as simple gardining, we need to apply biological concepts. With his worldwide patented formula he has been awarded prizes and acknowledgements from various official entities. Today he is not only dedicated to the construction of these magnificent vertical ecosystems but also to sharing ideas with official and professional organisations all over the word. Vertical gardens already existed but he went one step further by inventing the concept of the vertical ecosystem. Some installers of simple vertical gardens are already appropriating this idea, although a vertical ecosystem is the complexity of nature’s interactions in a wall (fungus-plant/ plant-plant/ fungus-bacteria/ plant-fungus-bacteria…).