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Architect United Kingdom

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Ian Dunn
Ian   Dunn
Ian Dunn
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Ian has over 20 years of experience in urban in-fill development with award-winning civic buildings, education facilities, single-family residences, and multi-family housing. He has successfully managed dozens of commissions, ranging from modest remodels to $150 million residential buildings, and has fostered strong relationships among the public agencies, contractors, consultants, and developers that make complex projects in San Francisco successful. Prior to starting OpenScope Studio, Ian was an Associate at David Baker Architects – nationally-renowned experts in sustainable mixed-use urban developments and affordable multi-family housing. He is also a senior lecturer at the California College of the Arts where he teaches architectural design, and lectures on contemporary issues in urban multi-family housing. He received his BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley, and his Masters of Architecture from Columbia University. His technical interests and expertise include sustainable architecture, building envelope and curtainwall detailing, and digital modeling and fabrication.