Henry Kurwahn

Engineer Sassari / Italy

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Henry Kurwahn
Journalist, Rechtsinformatiker, IT Expert at Legismatica. Author of IndexLegum, a hybrid method of legal inquiry which uses QR codes as reference in books of law or legislative files to access legislative and historical databases.

In 1989, finished his career as a computer and, after some years in the study of civil and industrial engineering careers, decided by the corporate life and scientific research growing their academic specialties and postgraduate courses in the areas of Informatics and law, has toured several countries in America and Europe as an exhibitor of the legal information and international consultant in information technologies.

Among his publications and research fit to mention: JURE legislation Honduran, -SIMA database integrated system of management of insurance companies, -PARALLAX costs and engineering, -LEX Honduran legislation for Windows, -LEX3 computing legal budgets, -PulsoLatino, -periodic magazine good morning Hamburg; Systems research acuoponics for food security – research for the design of neural systems of artificial legal intuition-Cyber-legal ontology research.. Compendium legislative IndexLegum Honduras, several reviews of press and some alternative content as “The sin of Lilith” book.

He is a member of various non-governmental organizations of cultural and communal leader. President of Lupo Societas Ius Romanum and Foundation IUSTAO. Founding partner of the law firm Alvarenga – Kurwahn – Teira & Partners Law Office. Politician known for his social immigrants work and for its journalism in favor of the voiceless.

In the German elections of 2011 was candidate for the Parliament of Hamburg as a member of the list of members for the DieLinke party. In November 2016, he founded and chairs the Salesian University of Panama. From September 2016 presides over the SINO-Latinoamericana Parliamentary Assembly and the Caribbean: “SINOLAT”.

He studied the career of law and political science at the University of Panama 2016, and Chinese language in the Centre of languages of Tsinghua University 2017, in Beijing, China.

Actually (2019) and for the next 7 years conduces an Aeroponic/Aquaponic innovation research in Sassari, Italy. Ref: http://www.usp.ac.pa/campus/research/eden-i
Henry Kurwahn
Henry Kurwahn
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