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Architect Milan / Italy

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Guido Matta
Guido Matta was born in Cagliari in 1953.

He graduated from Venice University of Architecture in 1977 with Prof. Valeriano Pastor and studied architectural composition under Carlo Scarpa. From 1978 to 1985 he worked with Giandomenico Cocco to engineer industrial prefabricate systems for Zanussi, Praha System and Standel. From 1982 to 1985 he assisted in the direction of the reconstruction plan for the courtyard buildings of the Barra San Giovanni district in Quarto Pozzuoli, Naples. In 1982 he founded, together with Roberto Varaschin, the Architecture and Design “Studio 5/82”, dealing with the restoration of historical buildings, among them Villa Marcello, Villa Schioppo and Villa Tiepolo, and with the design of new buildings such as the International Tobacco Agency office block, the Crescente Show room in Treviso and the new office headquarters of Maletti Group in Scandiano. At the same time he took part in the International competition “Le Grand Trou” in Paris for the offices of the Odessa container port; he also worked at the construction of a million flats in St Petersburg with the construction company Cosma Maltauro. In the field of industrial design, his Studio 5/82 drew attention at the International competition “La cosa inventata” in Seibu in 1985. Guido Matta and his Studio 5/82 designed lamps and blown objects for Ve-Art and Auras, as well as the glass collection for Pineider, Florence. In 1992 Studio 5/82 designed the Aveda Europa interiors for Aveda Co. USA, the prototypes of Harvey Nichols in London, Coin Milan, Rome, Florence and Bologna, as well as the new Aveda Institute’s headquarters in Via Santo Spirito in Milan. In 1996, together with Royal Medica spa, he studied the application of new materials on industrial products. With the product line “informatutto” (new patent), he designed the exhibition stands for Lovable. In collaboration with Studio Bianchi and Kerrigan, he consulted to Technogel, studying and researching the application of “gel” on industrial products, and created the corporate image for Fizik and Selle Royal brands in International shows. Since 1997, Studio 5/82 has been working with Oreal Group Paris, in Paris, on International projects for brands like Kerastase Paris, L’Oreal Professionnel, Shu-Uemura, Redken Fifth Avenue. Matta annually designs the exhibition pavilions for L’Oreal Saipo Italia at the Cosmoprof events in Bologna. He has also planned for them the new Headquarters of the “Centro Tecnico” in Turin and Rome (ex Accademia Valentino in Mignanelli Palace) and the salon Coppola in Rinascente, piazza Duomo, Milan. He continues to design for the Kerastase Paris brand the lines and concept of the international flag-ship stores in Beirut, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles. In 2004, his furnishing line for the hair salon chain of Jean Luis David’s parent company Regis Corp, Minneapolis, won the ideas competition. He continues to design industrial products for Pallucco Italia, Maletti Group, L’Oreal Paris, I.O. inventing and Magis. From 2003 to 2006 he planned and completed the restoration of the new coiffeur centre, spa and private residence for the Cò sisters in Brescia.. Since 2005 he has been working on an innovative project for the creation of a new tourist village model which combines agro-industrial practices (the manufacturing of essential oil extracted from medicinal herbs) with tourist attractions (village-hotel, fitness centre and spa) to be realized in Sant’Antioco, Sardinia, in partnership with Estèe Lauder. In 2006 and 2007 he planned the Academies for the L’Oreal Group in Milan, via Primaticcio , in Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlino, Francoforte and Ginevra. In 2007 he coordinated, planned and completed the furnishing line of the the Acca Kappa group’s points of sale and the prototype for Kuala Lumpur. He contributed to the mounting and planning of the photo exhibition “Genesi nello spazio” of Gastel – Curletto at the L’Oreal Academy in Rome and Paris and at the Foundation Re Rebaudengo Sandretto in Turin. He planned and completed the Aveda Institute in via degli Omenoni, Milan, which opened in May 2008 and designed the Beautike brand for Giuseppe D’Elia and Donatella Poggi. He designed the Salon Belle Femme, Kérastase – Kéraskin, owned by Bodour Hilali, for L’Oreal Emirate Middle East in Dubai. He carried out the project for Ruza’s Salon and Spa in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2007-2008 he designed the prototypes for the new concept of Chemist’s shops for L’Oréal Group, “Cosmetique active” department, which are used in the Serafico chemist’s shop in Rome, Scevola in Milan, Malchiodi in Fidenza and the Farmacia Centrale in Bologna which is now operational. He designed the Technical centre and Academy of the Kéraskin brand for the international Headquarters of the L’Oreal Group in Paris, Rue Royale. In 2008 he completed the Cosmoprof pavilion in Bologna for L’Oreal Italia. He designed the coiffeur centre Burjj Dubai, with the brands Redken Fiftheen Avenue, and the reception room of its headquarters for L’Oreal Emirate in Dubai. He recently won the limited tender for the design of the new Abu-Dhabi International Airport hall. In 2009 his studio has directed the work at L’Oréal technical centre in Geneva, and has completed the project for a media tower to be realized in Rome and Milan for the Red Cross Italy, with the aim of studying new eco-compatible materials to be applied to the working environment.
In 2009/ 2010 he planned the Academies for the L’Oreal Group in Madrid, it’s the first “Green Academy “in Bio-Architecture for L’Oreal Group.
He planned a new concept for L’Oreal Group in Paris “Style minute Lab “ and “Sport Grooming bar” for the “La Mondiale Beautè” exhibition in Paris.
in 2010 / 2011 he planned the Academy for the L’Oreal Group in Hamburg and Bruxelles, and collaborate for carry out a plan for L’Oreal Academy in Dusseldorf and Moscow. Also he planned the Academy for the L’Oreal Group in Oporto and the salon for Joe Raad coiffeur in Beirut and Amman and Dubai, he partecipate to the project for new L’Oreal Academy in Barcelona, for the L’Oreal Italy he planned in the Cosmoprof Exhibition 2012 , Pavillon and Concept Essie Nail, in 2013 and 2014 he planned a new L’Oreal Academy in Zurich and Wien. He created a new concept for L’Oréal Italy, Salon Emotion Digital 2.0 and realizations of two concept stores in Milan.
In 2015 he participated at the “Competition of ideas for FCA EXPO Milano 2015″. He planned a new L’Oréal Academy in Copenhagen.
Guido Matta
Guido Matta
  • Address Via Lazzaro Palazzi, 20124 Milan | Italy

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