Gianluca Nicolini

Architect Trento / Italy

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Gianluca Nicolini
Gianluca Nicolini
  • Address Via Gocciadoro, 24, 38122 Trento | Italy

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Gianluca Nicolini architects, founded in 2011, is a young practice based in Trento - Italy and delivering projects in housing, education, commercial and the arts, working with a range of clients, organisations and institutions. Since our inception, we have built a reputation on the quality of our design and level of service to our clients. Actually the studio is delivering commercial spaces in the north of Italy and working on residential interior projects. The practice is young and energetic with an investigational working method. We give priority to participation in architecture competitions as a tool for our cultural growth. Innovation is cultivated through office-based and academic research into materials, construction techniques and the cultural contexts of each project. Excellence in design is pursued through collaborating closely with our clients, consultant teams, contractors and end users.