Gary Roof

CAD/BIM designer Los Angeles / Zambia

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Gary Roof
under1roof design is a personal website project I started upon my return to academia in 2016 to prepare for a new career in architectural design. The main purpose of my site was and continues to be a place for sharing the knowledge I’ve gained as well as to provide a growing portfolio of my work.

A rewarding career in finance and IT wrapped voluntarily that same year having enjoyed exciting chapters at Disney, Netscape,, and other unicorns of their day in Silicon Valley, PWC and finally biotech Sanofi-Genzyme.

Now, having completed my course of study in Architectural Interiors at UCLA, I explore opportunities to apply science to art in the field of architectural lighting design.

Gary Roof
Los Angeles CA
15 July, 2019
Gary Roof
Gary Roof
  • Tel +1 781 707 8364

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