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Architect Roma - Milano / Italy

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Fortebis Group
Fortebis Group
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Fortebìs Group is an all-inclusive architectural and design firm with a multidisciplinary philosophy. Founded in 2001 by architect Edith Forte, along with her partners and a team of experts, Fortebìs is one of the world leaders in architectural design and engineering. The woman behind the architecture and design is Simona Franci, partner at Fortebìs. Having mastered the Corporate Identity within the luxury automotive makers, like Ferrari and Maserati, with her exquisite, contemporary showroom design seen around the world and having created Interior Design for the most famous haute couture fashion brands, such as Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Dondup and many others. Simona Franci is deeply convinced that the perfection of every single project is the expression of a universal method based on the beauty of the sign, combined with the harmony of all the elements which together give life to the synthesis through a unique quest, just like a tailored dress.